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Satan has disguised himself as Christians in Humboldt County.

A Facebook friend said it best: “I think now I have met the Antichrist and seen his evil works. Satan has disguised himself as Christians in Humboldt County.”

And he’s right.

Do these people really believe that it pleases Jesus to pray for the death of unborn children in the womb? Or, are they just plain-out bat shit crazy? The story follows…

Life News: A local Planned Parenthood abortion business in California is copycatting the 40 Days for Life campaign, which recently resulted in saving the lives of more than 700 unborn children from abortion. The abortion business has set up its own 40 Days of Prayer for the local abortion center.

“We trust you to decide about your sexuality, having your children, and planning your family,” says a flier promoting the Humbolt County Clergy for Choice event. “We are religious leaders who value all human life. We accept that religions differ about when life begins. We are here to help.”

“We believe that human life is holy. That’s why we believe in your right to choose to be a parent or not,” the pro-abortion religious leaders continue. “It can be helpful to talk with friends you trust, with licensed counselors, and with whatever religious person you choose. Humboldt County Clergy are available to talk with you about the spiritual aspects of choice. Find out more by calling Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.”

“Humboldt County Clergy for Choice invite you to set aside time with your family and community to support women and reproductive justice for 40 days from March 18th through April 27th,” they say.

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Please Help the World (and Anti-Christ) Films: COP 15 Opening Film

  “Fear makes men believe the worst.” 

Quintus Curtius Rufus (fl. 100 AD, Roman Historian)

What’s known about COP 15… It’s all about fear.

Earlier this week we learned that the Government of Denmark banned Christmas trees from the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15), deeming the conference officially “UN Territory”. Perhaps, now, we know why… Below is the video  “Please Help the World”, the film from the opening ceremony in Copenhagen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Shown on December 7, 2009 at COP15.

CREDITS: Director: Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen, producers: Stefan Fjeldmark and Marie Peuliche, cinematographer: Dan Laustsen, production designer: Peter de Neergaard, editor: Morten Giese, composer: Davide Rossi, sound design: Carl Plesner, production company: Zentropa RamBuk, advisory consultants: Mogens Holbøll, Bysted A/S and Christian Søndergaard, Attention Film ApS.

What’s not so well known… 

Zentropa RamBuk, the company that produced the COP 15 opening film for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark above, is the same production company that produced the 2009 film “ANTICHRIST” starring William Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. A short synopsis of the feature film from the Zentropa website reveals the movie to be an intense tale of evil, power and love, (or, better put, filth). In the film the claim is made that the ground “Eden” is burning the soles of human feet… Yet, as we all know, you just can’t believe everything you see and hear, now can you?

 WARNING: Trailer not suitable for children, (or Christmas Trees)…


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