Mary and Obama?: Help protest desecration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon in Bend, Oregon.


Under the “Let’s clear this one up right away fellas file…”

Yes, Barack Hussein Obama was created in the image of God, but, he is not God.

Perhaps it was a thoughtless act or simply poor taste, but nonetheless, publishers of  The Source Weekly in Bend, Oregon, should act quickly and issue a public apology for offending the Catholic community with their irreverent depiction of a sacred iconic image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It is offensive not only to Catholics but to both the Blessed Virgin Mother of God and her Son, Jesus Christ.

It’s just wrong.

Already, I’m hearing from disgusted Catholics who will be writing letters to the editor and calling the publisher. And if no apology is forthcoming the plan, (as I understand it), is to locate and contact business advertisers within The Source Weekly and let them know just how offensive and insulting this display is. Catholics will not frequent those businesses and no doubt will work hard to influence the spheres of their families, friends and the local community to boycott. Let’s hope this desecration was born of ignorance and the publisher will do the right thing in this matter.

Fratres also encourages its readers to place a call or write these folks and let your disapproval be heard.

The editors name is Eric Flowers and the publisher is Aaron Switzer and they can be reached at: 541-383-0800 or you can access their website at:

Hat/Tip: Jackie, Cheyenne, Gari, Myrna.


I’m beginning to receive e-mail responses from Catholics who have contacted The Source Weekly concerning their sacrilegious front cover. Early response is varied–

This from a priest in Texas: 

“They don’t seem to care. I called and they said “what is printed is printed, and we will not apologize.” I mentioned the possibilities of Hell to the “nice” lady on the phone and she “doesn’t believe in MY hang-ups.”

From Western Oregon:

“I did talk to the editor of the Source and he said, the best way to respond is to write/email them your objections and they will try to print the letters. He did admit he was responsible for putting this picture in and said, well it was collaborative. He did take time to listen to me, a bit defensive. We will see what he will do when we contact his advertisers. He might have a true contrition…”


6 thoughts on “Mary and Obama?: Help protest desecration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon in Bend, Oregon.”

  1. Maybe the editors of the this page should learn a little bit about what this original picture means.
    The Christ child runs to His mother for comfort after seeing the future, and what will be fall him; his persecution & death. In His haste running to His mother, one of the child’s sandals becomes untied.
    Certainly this can’t be the message the magazine is conveying?


  2. im not going to rant about this. i just think they, the publisher, should move to north korea, for just one year. maybe,but i doubt it, they would see the error of their ways. respect for the ALMIGHTY seems to be a thing of the past.

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