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Guns — You give up yours, I’ll give up mine

Despite the effort of some folks trying to pass off their political leanings as Catholicism, there is buried somewhere within the ethos of the far left too the realization that this is a violent civilization and it’s the constitutional right of citizens to defend their home(land), their lives, and families from the violent–be they violent individuals or tyrannical governments. Using the Tucson shootings to rile up support for the fantasy of gun control by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is just that, fantasy… I do ardently await the day, when by the grace of God (Love) returns in the flesh, and that all flesh (men) will finally–once and forever–trade in their swords for plowshares… I do. Until that day, however, my boys are keeping their Red Ryder’s

Here’s some inner-city sense concerning gun collection efforts coming from my favorite jazz man, Gil Scott Heron (whom I pray for these days)…