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The Origin of Man, or, The Ancient Seeds of Sacred Music Found Within the Life Teen Mass?

Forgive me, I couldn’t help the title for this post after viewing the video! What’s worse, is I almost entitled it the ‘Catholic Homecoming Anthem’ in hopes of drawing back all those children of the Church who lost their faith during this bizarre era. God does works in mysterious ways!!! However, being a people of justice, and thankful for the talents each of us receives, I believe there is absolutely no reason why the Monkees should not be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (Hey, at least ‘they’ kept the organ!).  You can find out more and help put The Monkees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by signing the petition here. As for me, ‘I’m a believer’ in avoiding Life Teen Masses… enjoy. [Note: some kind person just now sent me a article on the Teen Mass over at the Curt Jester–go figure!]