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40 Years — March For Life, Grants Pass, Oregon 1.20.13

Director of Religious Education, Cindy Miller, teaches children about the sacredness of life at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church, in Cave Junction. The annual March For Life will be held this Sunday, January 20th, 2013, in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Join us this Sunday for our annual March For Life. 1/20/13 at 1 pm.  Gather ON 6TH ST across from the Courthouse, in Grants Pass, Or. March will start after we get organized in the streets about 1:30 PM. We will walk to Riverside Park were there will be a rally, refreshments and music.

Welcoming Rev. Fr. José Manuel Campos Garcia to St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church

OLD WORLD: Carlo’s provided lunch w/hand pressed corn tortillas as we welcomed newly ordained parochial vicar, Rev. Fr. José Manuel Campos Garcia to St. Patrick of the Forest.

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Where Are They Now? — Darth Vader, Roman Catholic Priest

Then: 10-year-old Darth Vader, William Holtzinger…

Now: Fr. William Holtzinger, celebrating 10-year-anniversary as a Roman Catholic Priest…

Only a Mother saves pics such as these for that appropriate moment… “I have been saving these photos for just the right time! Ten years old….and ten years a priest!”


Commenting here on his previous alias Fr. Bill (A.K.A Darth Vader) said, “Hah! Those were the days. Let us just remember that Darth Vader ultimately converted to the light side of he force! Okay I’m totally busted!”  

As proof of Mr. Vader’s conversion he just today changed Mass schedules. Bringing the Light of Sunday Mass once-again back to St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church in Cave Junction, Oregon…

Congratulations Fr. Bill on this your anniversary to the priesthood… And, May the force be with us all!

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Josephine County H1N1 State of Emergency: Health notice and new liturgical norms for St. Annes’ Catholic Church



H1N1 Influenza

EDITOR NOTE: Here’s the State of Emergency Declaration from the Daily Courier, followed by Fr. Bill Holtzingers’ new liturgical norms:


Josephine County declares swine flu emergency

Associated Press – October 23, 2009 6:25 PM ET

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – Josephine County has declared a state of emergency over the swine flu.

The declaration Friday by county commissioners in Grants Pass cited two people dead, 21 in the hospital, and many more sick with the H1N1 virus.

County health director Belle Shepherd says the declaration will allow the county to get faster results on state lab tests and extra medical personnel if the local hospital gets overwhelmed.

Shepherd says Josephine County has 1 of the highest rates of hospitalization of swine flu cases in the state, and that hospitals in Grants Pass and Medford are near capacity – a condition known as code yellow.

Commissioners in neighboring Jackson County, where Medford is located, will consider making the same declaration at their meeting Wednesday.

Information from: Daily Courier, http://www.thedailycourier.com

fr_bill_newOctober 23, 2009

Dear Parishioners,

As we all know, the flu season is upon us. In the past several days, I have received many inquiries from parishioners who have felt uncomfortable at Mass while the flu spreads in our communities. Clearly, common sense is the best advise anyone can give. Everyone should be conscientious about washing their hands and refraining from touching their eyes and nose. If anyone is not feeling well, they should not attend Mass.

However, because of the H1N1 virus, things are different. On Friday morning, Oct. 23, Josephine County declared a local state of emergency due to the outbreak of H1N1 influenza. Therefore, after consultation with the Archdiocese Office of Worship and others here in our own parish, I have decided to return to the regulations given to us last year by the Archbishop during our last flu outbreak.

This means that I am asking everyone to refrain from holding hands during the Our Father, replacing a shake of hands at he Sign of Peace with a friendly wave to each other, and Communion in the hand with the host only. This means we will suspend the offering of the Precious Blood at Mass. These regulations will be in effect until I determine that it is okay to return to our normal liturgical norms. As was the case last year, some will not agree or like these directives, but I ask your obedience and potential sacrifice of your personal piety for the greater good of the community. Thank you for your understanding.


Fr. William Holtzinger


A death in the family…

June O’Neil R.I.P



I didn’t want to open the e-mail when it came this morning. Because I’d heard last night from youth in town that June wasn’t doing well… And, just as the e-announcement stated–

Angels came for June this morning.

I will always remember June for her love of Our Lady and devotion to Our Lord and His Church. And I have no doubt that Our Lady of Victory Herself led June’s soul into the depths of the Precious Blood of the Saviors Heart she loved so…

To the victors, who carry out my Will until the end, I will give authority over the nations, as I myself have received it from my Father, and I will give them also the morning star.’ (cf. Rev 2:26-28)

There will be a Rosary tonight at 7pm at St. Patrick’s of the Forest.

Funeral services are scheduled for tomorrow – Saturday – at 1 PM at St. Patrick’s.

I ask all my reader’s to please pray with us for the repose of June’s soul and God’s comfort for her loved ones…

A masterpiece for a masterpiece


Election Novena and Rosary for the Defense of Life: Saint Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church

Maria Rosa Lepanto
Maria Rosa Lepanto

             Please join Audrey Miller and Jim Evans for a Nine-day election novena(s) for the poor souls of purgatory and Our Lady of Victory for the threatened unborn. We will be meeting at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church beginning Monday evening, October 27th, from 7:00 to 8:00pm. (Tonight)


             All Christians and men of good will concerned for the voiceless unborn are invited to join us in prayer, or, you may simply gather with us in defense of life and pray within the silence of your own heart… 


Schedule and address:

Monday, October 27, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Tuesday, October 28th, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Wednesday, October 29th, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Thursday, October 30th, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Friday, October 31st, No Meeting/Private Observance

Saturday, November 1st, No Meeting/Private Observance

Sunday, November 2nd, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Monday, November 3rd, 7:00 to 8:00pm

Tuesday, Election Day, November 4th, 7:00 to 8:00


St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church 407 W. River Street, Cave Junction, Oregon. For more information call 541.592.2407

Note: if you are unable to join us, click here to the prayers for private observance.

Our Lady of Victory Novena

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory