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“Scandal” Video To Be Sent To Rome: Call for Archbishop George Niederauer’s Resignation

An exclusive coming to us from St. John Valdosta Blog has revealed the level of depravity present in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. 30 years of inaction has led to unacceptable acts of sacrilege and blasphemy directed towards Jesus Christ at Most Holy Redeemer Parish in the Castro district.

St Joseph Men’s Society has created a video montage of the abuses called “Scandal”. In it there is a call for Rome to take charge of the situation beginning with the removal of Archbishop George Niederauer.



22 min 48 sec – Jan 12, 2008
Description: This video is a documentary sent to Rome giving a full photographic montage of the level of depravity to which the Archdiocese of San Francisco has fallen within the last 30 years and especially during the governance of Archbishop George Niederauer. This video was produced for the Roman Authorities to see with their own eyes what is happening within San Francisco because of the lack of Roman Catholic Leadership.

Perpetuating Sin

By now, word is out throughout Catholic America concerning the infamous 10:00 am Mass at Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco, California, this past Sunday, October 7th, wherein two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence received Holy Communion from Bishop George H. Niederauer. maejoy.jpg

To be fair to the Bishop, it appears from viewing the video that at first he desires only to offer a blessing to the first SPI member approaching him for communion, and perhaps, although its unclear, the Bishop may have even questioned the man concerning the state of his soul before reception.

One thing is clear. There was no such inquiry for the next communicant.

As the lead-in to the video correctly informs us, “the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a group of predominately homosexual men who dress up as caricatures of Catholic Nuns and engage in many activities that openly mock the Catholic Church and her beliefs.”bbc_468x363.jpg

This same group welcomed participates arriving at the Folsom St. Fair which earlier in the week ignited a firestorm of Catholic protest after a sleazy promotional representation of the “Last Supper” was revealed. The Catholic League has since initiated a boycott of the Miller Brewing Company who was co-sponsoring the event.

A False Church and a False Christ

In his revealing article The Truce Of 2005?, Richard John Neuhaus links the unwillingness of Rome in 1968 to discipline both theologians and priests who at that time rejected papal teaching and campaigned publicly against the encyclical Humanae Vitae, with that of today’s open dismissal of the relatively new 2005 instruction on homosexuality and the priesthood.

The uninterrupted link here, is fear on the part of Rome that requiring strict adherence to Church teachings on faith and morals by pastors and theologians may cause schism within the Church. Mr. Neuhaus goes on to contemplate such an schism near the end of his article, suggesting that there would be a distaste for such a open action on the part of Church dissenters–a leftist lefebvrite movement if you will.

For the faithful man, woman, or family in the pew, of course, this concern of the hierarchy to avoid open schism would almost be laughable if not for the fact that created souls and their eternal destinies are involved.

As we all know, there already exists both open and silent rebellion and schism, albeit more dangerous and insidious in nature, because instead of splintering themselves off from Holy Mother Church, these schismatics have decided to remain within her bosom for the openly expressed purpose of creating a false Church and a false Christ under the guise of renewal and false ecumenism.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, true Catholic renewal consists of a life-long conversion of the soul away from the ways of the world, the flesh and the Devil and involves obedience to both God and the Church in God, as we struggle daily towards holiness.


How is it then, that in too many ways this false renewal and perpetuation of sin–in clear disobedience to the laws of God within His Church–continues to be presented as a good to the innocent, the ignorant and guilty alike? The innocent, in that they are scandalized, the ignorant, in that they become confused, and the guilty, in that they are denied the authentic path of true conversion leading to divine mercy, forgiveness, and everlasting life.

Yes, I’m sure there are many Catholics angered at the assault upon the Most Holy Eucharist by these two members of SPI, But, let us remember what the worldly do not know concerning Our Lord: we do not doubt the mercy of God, or as Sacred Scripture attests, the rejoicing in heaven for one sinner who repents, and no less so for these two Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. [They are not the problem.]

Facing Facts North of the Border

Soon CCD classes will resume at our parish, and with them my underlying irritation with our mandatory “safe environment” program will return as well. Yes, I want my childrenst-andrew-catholic-church.jpg safe. No, I don’t agree with introducing such material into the hearts and lives of young children in the days of their innocence. This is the parents duty.

On the other hand, the duty of the hierarchy is to actually create a safe environment. And this they must do by addressing without denial the predominate cause of the sex abuse scandal: homosexual priests and the many structures and organizations found within the Church that supports and perpetuates the acceptance of such unnatural behavior.

Dipping back south for a moment, Bishop Niederauer’s own statement of record reveals the presence of denial found within some quarters of the hierarchy and underlines its reluctance, or fear, to stir the pot and address what’s needed: 

“Also, some who are seriously mistaken have named sexual orientation as the cause of the recent scandal regarding sexual abuse of minors by priests.”

Yet, it remains widely known to all, by means of the Bishops own study, that 80 percent of instances of sexual abuse by priests were perpetrated upon teenage boys and young men…

Yes, I will take my children to CCD in the upcoming weeks. But, I will do so exasperated in the knowledge that following the bankruptcy of this diocese and the 100-million-dollar-plus settlement for Catholic victims of sex crimes in this state, our diocese appears to be unable to confront the reality of the pro homosexual lobby plaguing the Church, nor does it seem willing to discipline those organizations of support made up of priests and laity who themselves continue to defy the sure norms of Catholic faith and morals…

…As evidence by:

  • The invitation and presentation in May of avowed homosexual activist Priest Fr. Schnexnayder from Oakland, California, who was allowed to give a workshop on homosexuality/lesbianism at a Portland parish, despite the common sense pleas of Oregon Catholics to our Bishop to cancel the event.

  •  The presence in Portland and Salem of the Vatican condemned pro gay agenda driven group “Dignity”.

  • The establishment in at least six oregon parishes of the “Dignity” inspired national movement called “The Catholic Coalition of Welcoming Parishes”.

  • The continuance of public scandal by participation of three Catholic parishes in the Queer Pride Parade and program in Portland this summer under the banner of kpq.gif“Keep Portland Queer”. Along with the participation of our three Catholic parishes, other entrants included the above-mentioned “Catholic Coalition of Welcoming Parishes” and, of course, the Portland Chapter of “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence…” 

Enough is enough. It’s time for a house cleaning. A true renewal.