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Santa Cruz: Holy Cross Catholic Church vandalized by bad spirits

Vandals cause widespread damage to historic church in Santa Cruz, California

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From Catholic Culture:

Shattering windows and spray-painting statues and other areas of the church, vandals have caused extensive damage to Holy Cross Parish in Santa Cruz.

Founded in 1791, Mission Santa Cruz was one of the 21 Franciscan missions founded by Blessed Junipero Serra and his fellow friars. The present parish church dates from 1889.

Among the items damaged was a baptismal font brought to the area in the late eighteenth century by Blessed Serra.

It’s been reported that police are looking into the possibility of this being a hate crime[?].

Well, ya, it’s a hate crime.

Problem is, police will be looking for flesh and blood perps, but this is spiritual evil– bad spirits active within the hearts and minds of the vandals, of which the perps themselves probably aren’t even aware of. It is on behalf of these hearts, I believe, that Christ cries out to the Father from His Cross, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”

And they really don’t.

We can help them learn, by offering mass this Sunday for that deep interior conversion of heart called for within the Gospel.

What’s up with Fr. Corapi? – Santa Cruz Media Update…

“While we are not at liberty, at this time, to comment on the accusations against Fr. Corapi or the process of the investigation, the future will be, as Fr. Corapi said, “A New Chapter.””

After posting our announcement regarding liquidation of some of our inventory here at Santa Cruz Media, it became apparent from your many questions that a further explanation is in order. While we are not at liberty, at this time, to comment on the accusations against Fr. Corapi or the process of the investigation, the future will be, as Fr. Corapi said, “A New Chapter.” As such, Santa Cruz Media must transition into that new chapter with Fr. Corapi. He is currently working on completion of his autobiography, and we expect to launch his new web-radio broadcast, “The Black Sheep Dog” in the coming weeks. Our goal of preserving our current employees’ jobs here at Santa Cruz Media requires that we begin focusing our attention on new endeavors and that we phase out some aspects of our current operations. Sadly, this will mean that many of Fr. Corapi’s DVD and CD titles will be discontinued over the course of the next several months. Rest assured, our commitment has always been to further Fr. Corapi’s mission, and that remains unchanged.

Bobbi Ruffatto

Santa Cruz Media

Earth Day 2010

HT/Unam Ecclesiam:

Celebrate nature’s greatest gift…


So CatholicVote.org is celebrating Earth Day?

Why not show the world the way Earth Day should be celebrated by celebrating natures greatest gift human life.

Our goal is to use Earth Day to get Americans to think more deeply about what it means to truly respect the Earth and creation. Trendy environmental groups too often view humans as the enemy of nature. We believe human beings are Gods greatest creation, and the Earths greatest resource.

Help us place these giant 12-foot long posters on buses, subways and trains traveling through Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco. Lets glorify the Creator by transforming Earth Day into a celebration of His gift of life.

Chip in below and help us show the world the beauty and majesty of all of Gods creation.

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Diocese of Rancagua, Chile: 66 churches, 700 chapels, 90% damaged or destroyed

Unto the end, for the sons of Core, for the hidden. Our God is our refuge and strength: a helper in troubles, which have found us exceedingly. Therefore we will not fear, when the earth shall be troubled; and the mountains shall be removed into the heart of the sea. Their waters roared and were troubled: the mountains were troubled with his strength. The stream of the river maketh the city of God joyful: the most High hath sanctified his own tabernacle. God is in the midst thereof, it shall not be moved: God will help it in the morning early. Nations were troubled, and kingdoms were bowed down: he uttered his voice, the earth trembled.    

Psalm 46: 1-7 

Cathedral of Rancagua, Chile

EDITOR NOTE: I received the following condolences and prayers for the Church and peoples of Chile from Bishop Michael Wustenberg, South Africa, which I pass on: 

Greetings to the Archbishop and all the people in the area of Concepcion 

As Bishop of one of the poorest Dioceses in South Africa I want to express our solidarity and prayer for you in this time of pain, loss and disaster especially to you in the area mostly affected by the recent earthquake. 

Crises tend to bring out the worst and the best in people. May this time of trial give rise to the most noble of our values and virtues, to rebuild not only infrastructure but the spiritual beauty that we are capable of. 

May God bless you all 

+Michael Wustenberg  

The story follows in English and Spanish: 

Earthquake in Rancagua: The Church is alive!


Un desolador panorama presentan las iglesias de la Diócesis de Rancagua que, en su fragilidad material, acompañan en el dolor a un pueblo fuertemente castigado por el sismo del 27 de febrero pasado. A bleak picture presented the churches of the Diocese of Rancagua, in its material weakness, pain accompany a people punished heavily by the earthquake of 27 February.  

Los datos de la región The data in the region  

La Región del Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins tiene 852.219 habitantes. The Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region has 852,219 inhabitants. La diócesis abarca toda la región menos la comuna de Navidad que pertenece a la diócesis de Melipilla. The diocese covers the entire region under the Christmas commune belongs to the diocese of Melipilla.  

Si bien el borde costero fue muy afectado por el efecto del maremoto (Boyeruca, Bucalemu, Pichilemu) el terremoto en el interior de la región se dejó sentir con fuerza muy destructiva. While the coastline was badly hit by the tsunami effect (Boyeruca, Bucalemu Pichilemu) earthquake within the region was felt with very destructive force.  

La región del Libertador contabilizó 48 fallecidos. The region accounted for 48 deaths Liberator.  

17.244 viviendas destruidas. 17,244 houses destroyed.  

19.378 viviendas con daños mayores 19,378 homes with major damage  

24.917 viviendas con daños menores 24,917 homes with minor damage  

Datos provisorios de nuestros templos Provisional data from our temples  

La diócesis tiene 66 templos que son sedes parroquiales y aproximadamente 700 capillas. The diocese has 66 churches that are parish offices and approximately 700 chapels. De este total de templos el 90% ha sufrido daños que, sin ser datos definitivos, desglosamos de la siguiente manera: Of this total 90% of churches have suffered damage which, although not definitive data, broken down as follows:  

El 30% ha quedado totalmente destruido. 30% has been completely destroyed.  

Otro 30% ha quedado muy dañado y se tienen que hacer estudios técnicos que determinarán si se demuelen o si es factible su recuperación. Another 30% has been badly damaged and you have to do technical studies will determine whether it is feasible to demolish or recovery.  

Otro 30% de los templos ha quedado con daños reparables y, solamente el 10% se considera que no ha sufrido daños. Another 30% of the temples has been damaged and repairable, only 10% were considered not to have been damaged.  

Las iglesias que los párrocos han informado no se podrán recuperar (esta lista podría aumentar dependiendo de los estudios técnicos que se hagan): Churches that have informed pastors not be recovered (this list could be increased depending on the technical studies to be made):  

Santuario de Malloa, Guacargüe, Coinco, Santa Gemita en Rancagua, Madre de la Divina Providencia en Rancagua, San José de Chimbarongo, San Agustín de San Fernando, Doñihue, San Vicente, Las Cabras, El Manzano, La Compañía, Graneros, Ciruelos, Santa Cruz, Peralillo, Pumanque, Paredones, Litueche, Chepica. Sanctuary Malloa, Guacargüe, Coinco, Santa Gemita in Rancagua, Mother of Divine Providence in Rancagua, San Jose, Chimbarongo, San Agustin de San Fernando, Doñihue, San Vicente, Goats, El Manzano, The Company, Granary, Plum, Santa Cruz, Peralillo, Pumanque, Paredones, Litueche, Chépica.  

De las iglesias que son patrimonio han quedado totalmente destruidas (en el suelo) La Compañía en Graneros, y el templo de Guacargüe. Of the churches that are assets were totally destroyed (in soil) The Company in barns, and the temple of Guacargüe. El convento franciscano de San Pedro de Alcantara se estaba restaurando y quedó muy mal. The Franciscan convent of San Pedro de Alcantara was being restored and was very ill. La iglesia de san Francisco en San Fernando la terminaban de restaurar (hacían entrega el 8 de marzo) ha quedado muy mal. The church of St. Francis in San Fernando to finish restoring–he delivered on March 8–was far wrong. Ha quedado en pie pero muy dañada (a simple vista irrecuperable) el templo de La Merced de Rancagua. He remained standing but badly damaged (to the naked eye unrecoverable) the temple of La Merced in Rancagua. De los templos que no son patrimonio pero que son emblemáticos para la diócesis ha quedado muy dañado el Santuario de Santa Rosa en Pelequén y el templo de San Andrés en Ciruelos (donde nació el cardenal Caro) también la catedral de Rancagua ha sufrido daños severos. From temples which are not heritage but are emblematic of the diocese has been heavily damaged the sanctuary of Santa Rosa in Pelequén and the Church of St. Andrew in Plum (birthplace of Cardinal Caro) Ranchi Cathedral also suffered severe damage.  

Primeros pasos después de la tragedia First steps after the tragedy  

Las redes solidarias de la Iglesia se han activado y están recolectando la ayuda para los hermanos que están sufriendo por no tener cubiertas las necesidades más básicas y por el estrés y el dolor producido por la tragedia. Solidarity networks of the Church have been activated and are collecting aid for the brothers who are suffering by not having covered the most basic needs and the stress and pain of the tragedy.  

Monseñor Alejandro Goic, Obispo de la diócesis, ha constituido un comité de emergencia que está realizando un catastro exhaustivo de los daños materiales y de las necesidades más inmediatas. Monsignor Alejandro Goic, Bishop of the diocese, has formed an emergency committee which is conducting a comprehensive land and property damages of more immediate needs. Él personalmente está recorriendo todo el territorio para acompañar al personal consagrado, fieles ya todos los hermanos y hermanas que están sufriendo. He himself is touring throughout the country to accompany the staff dedicated, loyal and all the brothers and sisters who are suffering. En una carta dirigida a toda la comunidad diocesana nos decía: “Muchos de nuestro hermanos, especialmente los más pobres, perdieron todo lo que tenían. In a letter to the entire diocesan community told us: “Many of our brothers, especially the poorest, have lost everything they had. La mayoría de nuestros templos y capillas, casas pastorales, casas parroquiales están destruidas. Most of our churches and chapels, pastoral houses, parish houses are destroyed. Pero la fe en el Señor está más viva que nunca, el amor a su Iglesia es más fuerte. But faith in the Lord is more alive than ever, love his Church is strongest. ¡La Iglesia esta viva! The Church is alive! La Iglesia somos nosotros. The church is us. Unidos saldremos adelante. United we will move forward. Demos –con la gracia de Dios- testimonio de amor y solidaridad, de fe y de esperanza. Demos, with the grace of God, “testimony of love and solidarity, faith and hope.  

Ruego a los sacerdotes, religiosas y laicos ya los diversos equipos de pastoral social hacer todas las acciones posibles para mitigar en parte el dolor y el sufrimiento de nuestros hermanos” I urge priests, religious and laity and the various social care teams do all possible actions to mitigate in part the pain and suffering of our brothers “  

Fuente: Comunicaciones Rancagua Source: Communications Rancagua