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When Satan Mocks the Death of Men

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Imagine no religion, a brotherhood of man...
Imagine no religion, a brotherhood of man...

The so-called “Free Love” era, or more formally known, American Sexual Revolution during the sixties is widely known to have undermined the Judeo-Christian ethos of our country, and thus, those laws created for the protection and welfare of spiritual individuals within our society. Today, authentic human love and freedom, that God-centered love which values our shared humanity from conception to nature death (and all points in-between) is under legal attack by the same carnal generation and its surviving offspring. Combine this with the dangerous soul-sucking goals inherent to Marxist-Atheism and its false promise of creating some man-made nirvana on earth swirling about college campuses at the time (and still today) and you have some faint idea of why those weird erectile dysfunction and male enhancement drug commercials seem to permeate television – and who there directed at: my generation…

Of course, as the commercials warn, these drugs have a litany of bizarre and potentially embarrassing side effects, but so does the undermining of laws and general rejection of sexual mores have consequences as well. Take a moment, and survey your own family—consider how uncommitted impersonal fornication, adultery, broken marriages and relationships, sexual abuse, diseases, drug and alcohol addiction, suicide, single parent households, and general break down of family life has occurred within your own life and the lives of those around you, and you’ll understand what I mean. The sexual revolution has led to a great number of children mourning deeply over the destruction and loss of their families. And worse: a great number of unwanted children have been lost and destroyed through abortion… It’s a long forgotten eternal truth, but nonetheless, still true today: the wages of sin is death. In this case, the death of families and the innocent unborn among us.

As a young man raised-up in the era of “free love”, I too was searching for love. After all, who doesn’t require love? What was missing, of course, was authentic love, and I myself paid the price in many ways for my own behavior as well. Looking back, I should have noted well my first experience at a Southern California “Love-in” in the late sixties. Walking into the park that day where love was supposedly the motif, I noticed two biker chicks in a fistfight on the grass surrounded by their male cohorts whose leather jackets emblazed the words “Devil’s Henchmen”

It makes more sense now…

While not “sinful”, in and of itself, music played a large part in this libertine era, and still does. You might have heard that art imitates life, and life imitates art. And sometimes the underlying Evil responsible for inspiring the loss of the sense of sin that has led to the destruction of our families and children (Satan) relishes in mocking the death of men within ordinary events–even musical events–such as the following little tidbit reveals.

Keep in mind that due to the reality of the presence of evil underlying the abortion industry there are generations of children no longer among us…

It’s hard for one to imagine the reality of anyone waking up on the morning of the Thirty-Sixth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and of their own volition saying to their selves, “Hey, I want to go out tonight and celebrate my right to abort children! It just doesn’t happen. That’s why Planned Parenthood and their local affiliates spend the funds to coordinate and publicize such events nationwide under the guise of “reproductive freedom” as opposed to what such gatherings truly are: Planned Parenthood’s self sponsored public promotion of its own lucrative product: death. Such “events” are true modern day testimonies to the “wages paid” by the sexual revolution in America: The glorification of human sacrifice.

Locally, this occurred last January at Ashland’s Standing Stone Brewery when pro-abort folks gathered to celebrate 36 years of reproductive sexual freedom.  How could anyone miss the macabre irony of whoever was responsible for choosing the headliner that evening, the Beatles cover band: The Nowhere Men. Imagine the sick press release for such an event:


That would be nearly 50 million nowhere children, thanks in large part to Planned Parenthood in America…

Today is the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s infamous “Bed-In Protest for peace” and art exhibition in 1969. Michael Archer explores the question here: “What has John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed-in taught us?” Here’s my borrowed answer from another music icon of the “free love” generation, Bob Dylan:

“Freedom, just around the corner from you, but with truth so far off what good would it do?”


Here’s my ’40 years ago today’ tribute to my generation. Note that at the 1:59 mark of the video there’s a sign in the crowd which reads: “Jesus died for your sins, John Lennon…” Still, today, Jesus Christ gives men that peace the world cannot ever give, and he does so in the freedom of  his truth. May my family, friends, and generation rediscover the reality of God’s true love for men…

Suffering from the loss of a child due to a past abortion? Click here for help in finding forgiveness and healing…

CCHD BOYCOTT: Catholic Citizens of Illinois calls on all Catholics to boycott the annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development on the weekend of November 22 and 23.

aurora-acronym-horz           Editors Note: Fratres supports Catholic Citizens of Illinois call for boycotting The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Catholic Media Coalition petitions for reforming CCHD, and will be participating in The Great ACORN Rebellion of 2008. We do encourage support and care for the poor and suffering among us, and so here in the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, we ask that you consider the good, but underfunded, works of Project Aurora:

Project Aurora creates and sustains dignity based youth and family services throughout Oregon. They act to offer our youth all the tools and life strategies necessary in order that they may be well equiped in first understanding, and then, living authentic sexuality.

On the other end of the spectrum, Project Aurora provides abortion healing and recovery services by offering regularly scheduled (2008-09) Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in Portland, Salem, and Medford.

I encourage you to join me in supporting the good works of these healer’s through your financial contribution. For an in-depth illustration of this organization’s work in our communities and to donate click here

james mary evans – Story follows:

Catholic Citizens of Illinois…

           When the Catholic Bishops of the United States established the Campaign for Human Development in 1970, they mandated the Campaign to fund “such projects as voter registration, community organizations, community-run schools, minority-owned cooperatives and credit unions, capital for industrial development and job training programs, and setting up rural cooperatives.” It was subsequently renamed the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, with prohibitions on funding of projects that were not in conformity with Catholic moral teaching.

           The CCHD was sold to Catholic parishioners with a slogan of “a hand up instead of a hand out,” but instead, CCHD has heavily invested in the political organizing techniques of Saul Alinky, a Marxist organizer from Chicago who founded the nationwide Industrial Areas Foundation, which in the Chicago area is known as United Power. United Power has been financed by various mainline Protestant churches and has made great inroads into the Catholic Church in Chicago, recruiting parish ministers and receiving funding from various parishes through dues and contributions. For all practical purposes, United Power is an extension of the far left wing of the Democrat Party.

           In a November 4 report in The Washington Time, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has announced that it has hired forensic accounting specialists to investigate more than $1 million in church funding to voter-registration group ACORN, suspecting that the money may have been spent in criminal acts that would negatively impact the tax exempt status of the Church.

           The CCHD has given more than $7.3 million to ACORN over the past decade for about 320 projects, including $900,000 in 2006 and $1,110,000 in 2007. In June or this year, the Catholic Church allegedly froze a $1.2 million grant for 38 ACORN chapters after the community-organizing group was accused of voter fraud in 15 states. Critics of the CCHD have challenged the USCCB to provide evidence of the freeze and confirm that no payments have been made to ACORN in 2008.

           Mary Anne Hackett, President of Catholic Citizens, commented, “It is well know that ACORN played a major role in the current financial crisis by intimidating banks through public rallies, invasions of bank lobbies with large groups of ACORN activists and picketing bank executives homes. ACORN bullied banks into making loans to people who could not repay them. To avoid vilification as racist, local banks were forced to make loans to unqualified borrowers, even allowing them to use food stamps as collateral for the loans.” These practices have caused the failure of several major financial institutions and the damage continues to reverberate through the economy.

           Mrs. Hackett stated further, “Funding campaigns for socialist programs and Democrat Party candidates has no place in the mission of the Catholic Church or in service to the poor.” The funds are collected from the Catholic parishioners with no accountability to them for the expenditures. Nor does the Campaign for Human Development fund Catholic Institutions and apostolates that work with the poor.

           “The Catholic Church, through its contributions to ACORN, is complicit in voter fraud and the failure of our economy. This must stop,” said Mrs. Hackett. Catholic Citizens of Illinois calls on all Catholics to boycott the annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development on the weekend of November 22 and 23.


Catholic Citizens of Illinois is an independent organization of the laity, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the Pope Benedict XVI.

Beware of Roving Gangs of Little O’Lady’s Swinging Chains: Fratres Blog News-Tuesday 02.26.08

You’ve heard it said, “Never underestimate the power of those little O’Lady’s with their Rosaries.” But, my understanding is that those rosaries always work for the common good. Apparently not so up in Albany, Oregon. Rosaries are now related to “gang activity”. At least in the mind of  the school principal who suspended a couple of students this week for wearing their rosaries and crucifixes and refusing to hide them… Get the story here. And, for God’s sake, watch out for roving gangs of little O’lady’s swinging chains…


It’s getting better all the time for the more traditionally minded Catholic with Pope Benedict the XVI as Vicar of Christ on earth. His latest move on the liturgical front is perhaps a return of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue instead of hand reception… It’s those little Ol’lady’s again, I just know it!!!

There’s a place for us… where the term “Freer Ethos” is actually defined as “Faith Apostatized.” Warning: This is a propaganda story to undermine the beauty associated with a priest being married to none other than God. A deep mystery of our faith, as St. Paul relates so well…

Speaking of the priesthood and controversy, there is no greater bruhaha within Christianity than the authority of Pope’s. For a clear perspective on the papacy instituted by Christ on earth I recommend this article on the “Chair of Peter” over at Utter Mutterings.

The following are the words of a shepherd tending his flock, relish them…  

“I do not wish Catholic institutions or organizations to invite speakers into the diocese who have written articles or given lectures that oppose, deny, reject, undermine or call into question the authentic teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church.”

Find out who spoke thus, get the story here.

The bestwhere-to-give-alms-during-lent” article on the blogosphere is found over at Digital Diatribes of a Random Idiot. Locally, (here in Oregon), I encourage support for Project Aurora–they offer workshops and presentations throughout the state teaching our teens the true meaning of human sexuality along with the merits of choosing abstinence. They are also instrumental in helping women (and men) suffering from the nasty effects of past abortions through coordinating Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats. To Learn more about Project Aurora or donate to this fine cause click here

A new Pew study released today reports that Catholicism is losing adherents in America, although numbers are up because of immigration… It seems that aging young people are not as prone to settling on religion as in previous years.

Finally, a call for help and prayer need in the Archdiocese of Portland…

Do you have Type O blood? Would you be willing to donate a kidney for an woman in serious need? Those interested in learning more about donating a kidney should contact Laurie Pharr, living donor coordinator, at (503) 413-6553 or (877) 622-8030. To find out more please click here. Thanks.  

Support Project Aurora in Oregon

The world needs healers, and Project Aurora needs you! 

success.jpgProject Aurora creates and sustains dignity based youth and family services throughout Oregon. They act to offer our youth all the tools and life strategies necessary in order that they may be well equiped in first understanding, and then, living authentic sexuality.

On the other end of the spectrum, Project Aurora also provides abortion healing and recovery services via annually scheduled Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in Portland, Salem, and Medford.

rachelsvineyard.jpgI encourage you to join me in supporting the good works of these healer’s below through your financial contribution. For an in-depth illustration of this organization’s work in our communities and to donate click here

Thanks for your consideration…jme

Lori Eckstine, the director of Rachel’s Vineyard retreats is a native Oregonian. Seeking to serve her community and state she was a co-founder in 2001 of the Rachel’s Vineyard retreats offered in the Southwestern part of the state. Lori has been facilitating the retreats for 5 years. Under her co-leadership a parent non profit organization called Project Aurora was formed to include Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.

Her background includes marriage in 1972 to her husband Jerry. They are the parents of five grown children. For 4 years Lori was the right to life chairperson for her community. She volunteered for 1st Way, a pregnancy support center for 4 years. Having experienced an abortion herself when she was age 16, participating in a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in 2000 for her own healing was the pivotal episode in bringing her to become involved in offering the retreats in Oregon. She has helped retreat teams in other states with her skills.

Lori has spoken about abortion healing to many groups in Oregon and other states and to numerous churches all over Oregon.

2001 – Wyoming Council of Catholic Women state convention
2002 – Oregon Catholic Daughter’s convention
2003 – Baker Diocese Pro-life Conference
2004 – Catholic Daughters of St. Henry’s parish in Gresham
2005 – Eugene Right to Life Rally
2005 – panel speaker at Rachel’s Vineyard national conference
2006 – Baker Diocese Pro-life Conference

Jeanine Mudd is a registered Nurse with years of experience as a volunteer for 1st Way, a Nationally Certified Abstinence Educator, an affiliate of National Abstinence Clearinghouse. Jeanine dedicates her efforts to save the unborn and to give her voice to the movement that speaks for innocent lives.

Jeanine Mudd has a powerful message to convey to those who hold her views and need more solid information to defend their beliefs as well as to those who have opposing beliefs and misconceptions. Bringing to presentations compelling and accurate information, Jeanine has informed and strengthened the hearts of many as well as transformed the hearts of some. There are those who have rejected her message and information yet have respected her presentations. She is not what the other side expects.

Jeanine is uniquely qualified to present information, promote discussions, and lead group exercises on the issues of Pro-Life and Chastity. As a practicing nurse since 1987, she worked in diverse and demanding health care areas including patients with chronic illnesses, AIDS, and those undergoing Chemotherapy, as well as an OB/GYN and Labor and Delivery nurse. These experiences gave Jeanine a valuable perspective on life and the consequences of life-style choices.

From 1996 to 2002, Jeanine volunteered at 1st Way, a crisis pregnancy – medical center, served as a 1st Way Board Member, Media Spokesperson, Events Coordinator, high School and Youth Group Guest Speaker. Given the depth and breadth of the personal and professional life Jeanine Mudd has lived (she is also a wife and mother of two small children) she brings a tremendous amount of first account experiences as well as factual information to both captivate and convince her listeners. Jeanine knows that the truth about the gift of human life and the gift of sexuality in marriage will enlighten her listeners and will bring about successful life-style choices, beliefs, and behaviors. Her message is upbeat and motivational. Her faith enables Jeanine to stand up and speak on the behalf of the unborn, the born, and for the choice of chastity.

Nursing Experience

  • Operating Room Nurse
  • Chronic Health disorders – Sickle Cell Anemia, Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Disease.
  • Chemotherapy patient care – caring for those terminally ill – their family, and present at time of death
  • AIDS patient care
  • OB/GYN Nurse – worked for the only OB doctor in a 200 mile radius in a county with a high teen pregnancy rate.
  • Labor and Delivery and Maternal Special Care Nurse
  • New Born Nursery and Intermediate Care Nursery

Pro-Life Organization Volunteer

  • Crisis Pregnancy Counselor – 1996
  • 1st Way Board member 1997-2001
  • Media Spokesperson – Radio and television interviews in which Jeanine represented the organization as well as the Pro-Life platform
  • Guest Speaker – State and National Conferences, High Schools, Middle Schools, Church Youth Groups, University of Oregon.
  • Developed policies and procedures
  • Coordinator of city wide events in Eugene
  • Nationally Certified Abstinence Educator

Project Aurora – A multi-faceted approach to educating and guiding on healthy human sexuality from a Natural Law foundation, as well as offering the option of Catholic moral teaching about human sexuality.