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2010 Josephine County March For Life


Dear Friends,

Please join us for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday as we commemorate the 37th anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

When: Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where: 6th and “B” St. in front of the Josephine County Courthouse – Grants Pass, Oregon

Time: Gather at 1:00 PM. The march will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Rally: Riverside Park Pavilion – Music – Speakers – Refreshments

(If you can’t walk, please join us at the park at 2:15 PM.)

Renew your commitment to help those who have no voice — the 4000 innocent babies who are killed each day in America by abortion!

Please invite your family, friends and church members to join us as we prayerfully witness and affirm the value of all of God’s children. Your witness and prayers will help save mothers and babies from the horror of abortion and provide comfort to those who regret their abortions or who have been involved in abortion.

We regard this as an extension of our regular worship on the Lord’s Day.

For more information or to volunteer please contact:

Myrna Shaneyfelt 479-9827 or Steve Raycraft 621-2538


Please continue to pray to end the tragedy of abortion.


Sheep Circles and Sex Clubs: What’s an good Catholic to do? Blog News-Tuesday 01.29.08

Sheep Circles and Sex Clubs: What’s an good Catholic to do?

By now most of you have seen the mysterious “Sheep Circles” as reported by the Daily Mail last Friday. Notice that some of the sheep appear to be wandering away from the fold…Art imitating life, or, life imitating art? Turns out, that the mystery of the sheep might not be so mysterious after all. It seems, as the article relates, that the explanation is to be found in the manner in which the sheep were fed…sheepcircle_468x336.jpg

Which brings up the touchy subject of Catholic education at the University of Portland and the first ever “Sex Club” on this Catholic campus… Warning: Don’t be spooked by the odd coincidence that both stories appeared in the press on the same day…, nor, should you allow yourself to be too mystified by the loss of Catholic faith in America. Their just not being fed right is all…

Heads Up!

There is some new blog news to report… Josephine County (Oregon) Right To Life now has a blog, and I encourage all to visit and comment when you are able. Please e-mail your friends and all those committed to speaking up for the ‘silent minority’ in this country. There is a great number of pictures from last week’s march for life, and you can find the website by clicking here.

And for all of you who have (and still) loved John Paul II, I offer Servants of the Servant to you. An beautiful idea of gathering prayer and study groups together in honor of The Great… Pray for us.

Have the best day possible!!!