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Chile Missing Persons: Bio Bio River Area — John Dettwiler Rojas (Journalist) and family

EDITOR: I received this request for help in Spanish tonight; my Google translation into English follows:

‘Alabado sea el Señor.

Con el trágico terremoto que ha asolado a Chile en estos días he perdido todo contacto con la familia de mi hijo el Sr. Juan Dettwiler Rojas, periodista, que vive en una población que está a orillas del río Bio Bio. Les estaría muy agradecido si pudieran enviarme un recado si saben algo sobre ellos.’

Rough translation:

“With the tragic earthquake that struck Chile in those days I have lost contact with the family of my son Mr. John Dettwiler Rojas, a journalist who lives in a town that lies on the banks of the river Bio Bio. I would be grateful if you could send me a message if you know anything about them.”

I’m sending off for more specific information from John’s father Juan, but if you have any news on John and his family please post below/or click here and post. Also, if you would be kind enough to post this same information on your sites, e-mails lists, and chat rooms it would be most appreciated…

Thank you, Editor