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Illinois Valley — Help bring on the butterflies!

Anise Swallowtail Caterpillar…

Our spiritual sister Diane sent this heads-up. Sounds like a good chance to escape the cocoon and learn to fly this Saturday and next weekend too…

Two-Tailed Swallowtail...

Hi All – This is a call for helpers to get landscape and construction work on the Butterfly Pavilion done.

We have the hoop house up – we need to take advantage of the great weather to get the flower beds shaped, the shade cloth over the hoop house, hang gates on several gateways through the deer netting and the gift shop started.  If outdoor work is not your thing, we have a couple of sit down jobs that could also be done. For all who can put in hours we can offer membership in the Rusk Ranch Nature Center for the coming year – trails, swimming on the river, Butterfly House, natural play areas, discounts at events …
Membership is normally $25 per person, $35 for families but people can also trade volunteer time for membership.

We have a work day this Saturday, Feb 5 and probably one next Sat Feb 12 (depends if weather holds).  But if you would like to help out and those days don’t work for you call anyway because we can be flexible.   Call for info 541-596-2543.   Work starts at 10 am.

The nature center is here for the community, to offer safe outdoor recreation and learning for families and kids about our unique flora and fauna, and to bring in revenue from visitors to our area.

Warm regards, Patty
Call for info 541-596-2543


I’m Supporting Simon Hare For Josephine County Commissioner

After my having posed “The Prerequisite Question” I ask any candidate seeking public office with my vote, I’ve decided to actively support Simon Hare for Josephine County Commissioner…

The PQ: “What is your position on abortion?”

His answer:


I have to apologize for the delay in my response.

I appreciate your question, although your post of such a controversial subject publicly makes me question your motivation. I am pro-life and endorsed by Oregon Right to Life, but at the same time it is not an issue a county commissioner has control over (other than perhaps funding allocations to certain medical establishments (rare)) and I have many supporters that probably do not share my view on the matter.

What is your position on the issue?

I like Art Robinson’s answer to the question. He states that he is vehemently opposed to abortion of all forms. The ‘Left’ side would have you believe that they give a woman the right to choose for herself. I say that the ‘conservatives’ are the true side of choices. I stand for a woman being able to make almost every other choice, but I draw the line with taking the life of an unborn child.

I hope that we can find common ground on this and other issues and that this issue alone will not divide us. My goal is to bring this county together to weather the tough times ahead.

Thank you for your time.


Now that that’s settled, I encourage all my readers and fellow Christians throughout Josephine County to join me in supporting Simon Hare with your vote this Fall. 

More on the issues later on this blog. For now, here’s his bio:

Having been born and raised here in Josephine County, Simon Hare has always had a heart of service for the people of his community. Guided by faith and conservative convictions Hare has the skills and experience to lead our county in a new direction… the right direction.

Hare began his career as a legislative intern in Senator Gordon Smith’s Washington, DC office and then was hired by the national service organization representing electric cooperative utilities, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). As a member of Government Relations for NRECA he worked on both state and federal legislation that focused on improving the lives of rural electric cooperative consumers. His main responsibility was to advocate for reliable, clean, safe, and affordable electricity for the 47 million electric cooperative consumers nationwide. Over time he became very familiar with issues such as state renewable portfolio standards, cap and trade, and renewable energy.

While working for NRECA, Hare gained significant leadership and management skills serving on several national boards of directors. He developed extensive experience in staff, budget and resource management while serving on the board of directors for Consumer Federation of America (CFA), the National Consumers League (NCL), Organizations Concerned for Rural Education (OCRE) and the Washington Area State Relations Group (WASRG).

Hare graduated from Oregon State University (OSU). He studied business, political science, agriculture and music and in 2002 earning a BS in Agricultural Business. During his junior year he was elected President of OSU’s Choral Department and as such hired a new Choral Director, restructured the department’s budget and organized a trip to Eastern Europe for 50 elite singers.

Hare has had many different employment experiences that have helped shape his character, expand his perspective and develop his skill set. In college he was a management intern for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, a sales associate for The Southwestern Company, an enumerator for the US Census Bureau, a Minor’s Assistant (grunt), an expeditor for Wild River Pizza & Brewery and a farmer/rancher at his family’s farm.

Hare grew up on the family farm, Oxbow Ranch, which has been in his family since the late 1950’s. He was very involved in raising cattle, hay, hogs and horses and did very well in 4-H and FFA. While attending Illinois Valley High School Hare took advantage of a number of leadership opportunities including FFA’s Washington, DC Leadership Conference, American Legion’s Oregon Boys State, Oregon’s Student Leadership Conference, and many others. Besides his leadership role in countless clubs and organizations in high school, Hare is still remembered for his leadership role as student representative to the Board of Directors for Three Rivers School District.

Combined with limited government, Hare has a passion for his family, traditional values and personal freedoms. From an early age he learned the importance and value of hard work. Agriculture and sustainable timber production are a big part of his heritage and he believes that natural resources are to be valued and not wasted, but also managed efficiently to the benefit our community. With Hare’s management experience and leadership skills combined with his understanding of state and national political areas, he is the kind of Commissioner that can lead our county in the direction toward a bright and prosperous future.


Sheep Circles and Sex Clubs: What’s an good Catholic to do? Blog News-Tuesday 01.29.08

Sheep Circles and Sex Clubs: What’s an good Catholic to do?

By now most of you have seen the mysterious “Sheep Circles” as reported by the Daily Mail last Friday. Notice that some of the sheep appear to be wandering away from the fold…Art imitating life, or, life imitating art? Turns out, that the mystery of the sheep might not be so mysterious after all. It seems, as the article relates, that the explanation is to be found in the manner in which the sheep were fed…sheepcircle_468x336.jpg

Which brings up the touchy subject of Catholic education at the University of Portland and the first ever “Sex Club” on this Catholic campus… Warning: Don’t be spooked by the odd coincidence that both stories appeared in the press on the same day…, nor, should you allow yourself to be too mystified by the loss of Catholic faith in America. Their just not being fed right is all…

Heads Up!

There is some new blog news to report… Josephine County (Oregon) Right To Life now has a blog, and I encourage all to visit and comment when you are able. Please e-mail your friends and all those committed to speaking up for the ‘silent minority’ in this country. There is a great number of pictures from last week’s march for life, and you can find the website by clicking here.

And for all of you who have (and still) loved John Paul II, I offer Servants of the Servant to you. An beautiful idea of gathering prayer and study groups together in honor of The Great… Pray for us.

Have the best day possible!!!

Climate Change on Fratres TV: Pictures of the 35th Memorial Roe v. Wade Pro-Life March in Grants Pass, Oregon, 01.20.08

Last year was a protest in front of the Josephine County Courthouse. This year the march was back through town, and the turn-out was unexpectedly large. You can see pictures of the 35th Memorial Roe v. Wade Pro-Life march in Grants Pass, Oregon here on Fratres tv.