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Catholic Funeral Mass for Kennedy?

Catholic blogger says no…

Family members carry Eunice Kennedy Shriver from Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church after her funeral in the Hyannis section of Barnstable, Massachussets on Friday. Shriver, the sister of President John F. Kennedy and Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, died Tuesday morning at Cape Cod Hospital at age 88. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)
Family members carry Eunice Kennedy Shriver from Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church after her funeral in the Hyannis section of Barnstable, Massachussets.

The scandalous abortion record of Catholic Senator Edward M. Kennedy confirms it:

“Senator Kennedy was one of the most vocal enablers and supporters of abortion since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. Approximately 3,700 abortions are performed daily in the United States, which makes him complicit in millions of deaths–deaths of innocent children who never had a chance to take their first breath.

Senator Kennedy made the protection of abortion his business.”


Catholic blogger Robert Kumpel is urging readers to encourage the Archbishop of Boston, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, to “stick with the convictions of his faith and do the right thing: Deny a funeral Mass to Edward M. Kennedy…”



Father at NDSickening, isn’t it. Once again, the nasty business of abortion in America is forcing Catholics to choose between two cities: Camelot or Heaven — This passing world or Life. That is, unless your foolish enough to believe you can have it your own way and live in both without regard to God.

Many do.

The truth is, when all is said and done you and I are not creatures of our own making, and as Catholics, we are especially not our own as we are hidden in Christ through faith and baptism. And so, there comes a time when all men must rely on God alone…And we will face Him alone at Judgement.

Yet, in many ways we’ve forgotten, or ignore, that despite all the pronoucements of Camelot passing, this God of Heaven and earth, and under the earth, has eternal rules to live by, and has instituted a Church with the grave responsibility of helping men to live by them–especially its adherents…

Too many don’t.

According to our saving faith: the death of innocent children due to abortion is murder, pure and simple, and each Catholic must by faith assent on this most basic of Judeo-Christian moral truths–Thou shall not kill.


I think, this is Mr. Kumpel’s point of objection to a Catholic Funeral Mass offered for Edward Kennedy–Scandal causes confusion and disbelief in God’s Truth, His Laws, His Church, and ultimately man’s purpose in this life and the next.


No one can say for sure, (except his confessor and God), if the Pro-abortionist Senator Edward M. Kennedy experienced a sudden and true remorse leading to a death bed conversion. That by grace, Edward M. Kennedy the Catholic repented, finding Mercy and Peace through sacramental confession. But, what is certain is this:

–the passing of Edward M. Kennedy will further spread about what I now call the The Notre Dame Syndrome. That is, the spirit of undeciveness present within the Catholic Church which causes us to fail as one body in acting boldly against abortion in American society today.

Is it not time for each of us–every Catholic, top to bottom, lay, cleric, and even politico, to decide for instead of against the integrity of our faith. I, along with many others, am convinced that only the Catholic Church can end the curse of abortion. But, it requires authentic faith and obedience to the divine directive of the Author of faith to: “Let our yes, be yes, and our no, be no…” Because, as we all know, “anything else comes from the evil one…”

And that anything else, as evil underlying abortion, continues to kill millions of children in America and worldwide through sins of omission…

The issue is holocaust, and the Catholic Church must stop it.

R.I.P. Mr. Kennedy, (and truly), may God have mercy on your soul and bring you to everlasting life.