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Watch The Video: This growing health threat could have serious consequences…

“The trend tracks Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections…”

The Los Angeles Times Health section is reporting that allergic disease has been on the rise for the past 30 years, and that a new study finds an association between climate warming (A.K.A. global warming) and the length of the ragweed season in some parts of North America… If you think allergies is just another passing inconvenience of life, think again. If this malady is allowed to grow it could have very serious unforeseen consequences…



The Christ Side of Life — Coke spoof

Sorry, because of global warming there are no longer any cute, white, cuddly polar bear types available for commercial exploitation. Guess we’ll just have to settle for a bit of truth this year…



New video: The Warm List — Global Warming’s effects, A to Z (via Watts Up With That?)

I’m sure many of you have heard of the “complete list of things caused by global warming” Dr. John Brignell, a retired professor of industrial instrumentation at the University of Southampton in Britain, compiled an impressive list of alarmist claims cited in news reports that man-made global warming has caused, or will cause. There’s 826 things on that list, some are even contradictory. Now, to put a visual face on this list, we have a video. Wh … Read More or watch the video…

via Watts Up With That?


Video: Scaring the future out of our kids — U.K. eco-maniac’s 10:10 pull bizarre violent video after outcry

Bat-shit crazy environmentalists…  

Climategate sunk global warming movement. Pic: Greenpeace ship tagged in Copenhagen during Cop 15

Following revelations that U.N sponsored scientists responsible for informing (see: alarming) the international community with facts concerning global warming were found to be cooking their books, tweaking data, and generally lying on the subject for many years, the environmental movement has taken a big hit to its fear-based industry. Common sense has prevailed, and despite 30-plus years of brainwashing children and people into the Green Movement, people just ain’t buying their stories any longer. For those who remain active and shrill in the dying planet illusion, frustration, fear, and anger has led to a couple of recent videos which reveals just how bat-shit crazy these people have finally become… 

Here’s a chilling case study in eco-ed-child abuse and what scaring the future out of your kid will result in:

(Allow for buffering)

And this… well, let’s just say Pink Floyd has nothing over the eco-maniacs at 10:10:

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Everything you ever wanted to know about global warming, (but were afraid of facts…)

From Real Catholic Television today: Global Warming Unmasked : The Hidden Agenda

Dear Friend in Christ,

After hundreds of hours of research, lots of editing and many late nights, Catholic Investigative Agency #4 is available to watch! Please take a few moments to watch this short video where I explain just how important it is for Catholics to understand the hideous danger posed by the so-called environmental movement;

 To watch the full CIA episode, read the resources and order copies, visit this website;



Climategate: the video everyone should see

Seasons Change…


From James Delingpole:

Next time you’re in an argument with someone who is totally convinced that global warming is a) man made and b) unprecedented, why not show them this brief video from Watts Up With That? Game over! (Hat tip: Plato Says)


CNN Video: John Christy VS Gavin Schmidt On Climate Gate

Christy on the disappearance of the Polar Ice Cap:

“No one can prove that greenhouse gases, the extra greenhouse gases we are putting into the atmosphere, is causing all of it or part of it…”