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Pope Beer! — “Ensouled” with Gregorian Chant from Ghetto Blaster on Full Moon…

A number of commemorative souvenirs have been produced to mark Pope Benedict XVI's four-day visit to Germany. One brewery in Berlin has gone as far as creating a special beer in his honor. But no ordinary brew would do: This beer was serenaded by Gregorian chants by the light of the new moon.

Here’s a nice change-up story on Pope Benedict XVI state visit to Germany.

And I might add, a far superior use of moon-glow as compared to Lunatics like this fellow proclaiming there is no God. Now, who wants to bet a sixer’ of PB that this guy is a priest within 10 years? Heck, he even looks like Jesus… 

From Spiegel Online:

A number of commemorative products have been feverishly produced in anticipation of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Germany this week. Souvenir vendors will hawk pope candles, postcards, t-shirts and other items to his followers at events around the country. Select bakeries are even reportedly creating special bread in honor of the Holy Father. But in Berlin, where Benedict arrived on Thursday, the pope has had a beer made in his name.

The organic pilsner, called Papst Bier, or “pope beer,” was brewed at the Brauhaus Südstern, just a stumble away from the German capital’s papal diplomatic mission, the Apostolic Nunciature, where Benedict will stay overnight after visiting parliament and addressing a stadium full of pilgrims on Thursday.
According to Helmut Kurschat, whose brewery is the only one in Berlin’s traditionally alternative Kreuzberg district, the special tipple is meant to be a sign of neighborliness.

“The Apostolic Nunciature is just 60 meters from our brewery,” he told daily Süddeutsche Zeitung. “It made sense to brew a special pope beer.”

Gregorian Chants from a Ghetto Blaster

But a standard brewing process wouldn’t do for the Holy Father. Brewers “ensouled” their creation by playing Gregorian chants with a ghetto blaster on the night of a new moon, 54-year-old Kurschat said. The result is a “pleasant, hoppy pilsner with a natural finish,” he says.

The brewery has invited beer enthusiasts to raise a glass “in a peaceful demonstration of good taste” to the pope in their beer garden, from where they will be able to observe the massive media and security furor surrounding the Catholic leader. The playful invitation refers to a number of demonstrations expected throughout the city during the papal visit, part of the reason police have been placed on high alert.
A heavy police presence has turned the neighborhood around the papal mission in the neighboring Neukölln district into a high-security zone, complete with barriers and parking bans. Meanwhile residents around the Apostolic Nunciature have been forbidden to open their windows or set foot on their balconies. They will also have to show identification before they are allowed to enter their homes.

Meanwhile security around the Olympic Stadium, where the pope will celebrate mass before a large crowd, has also been tightened considerably. After he addresses politicians in the Bundestag, Benedict will travel to the stadium to be greeted by choirs and trumpets. There he will say mass for some 70,000 followers before heading to the Apostolic Nunciature to rest up for the next three days of his Germany trip.

kla — with wires

Berlin, Germany: Foiled bomb terror plot, was pope target?

“suspicion of preparing a major violent crime against the state.”

Following previous threats to Pope Benedict XVI by Islamic extremists [here, here] authorities are unsure if the most recent foiled bomb plot was related to either the pope’s visit this month or to the September 11 anniversary…

SOURCE: The Muslim News

Germany: Police arrest two men in alleged foiled bomb terror plot


Two men have been arrested in Berlin in connection with plotting to carry out a bomb attack. Police had been watching the men for several months, ever since they bought a suspicious amount of chemicals.

Police in Berlin are holding a 24-year-old German man with a Lebanese background and a 28-year-old man from the Gaza Strip on “suspicion of planning a serious act of violence.”

According to police, the two men were planning a bomb attack and had ordered chemicals which could have been used to make an explosive device.

As part of the investigation, which police said has been underway for some time, a mosque, an Islamic cultural center and the apartments of the two suspects were searched.

The mosque and cultural center were searched because the two men had spent significant time there, sometimes spending the night in the mosque. However, police were clear to state that the mosque and cultural center were not a part of the ongoing investigation.

‘No specific targets’

Police spokesman Martin Otte said the probe began when the firms where the chemicals were ordered reported the suspicious purchases to police. The men had not yet started building a bomb.

Otte declined to comment on a possible link to the September 11 anniversary, or the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Germany.

“For the moment, our investigation hasn’t produced any evidence that an attack was planned to take place at either of the two events,” said Otte.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Agency, this is the 10th terror attempt in Germany since the 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001.

Wolfgang Bosbach, domestic security expert in Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s Christian Democrat party, said the new attempt is no reason to be overly alarmed.

“We know that Germany is a target for terrorists, and that terror suspects from this country have been travelling to the Afghan-Pakistan border region for training. So this is worrying, but no reason to panic,” he said.

The security level in Germany remains unchanged and it’s thought the two men do not have links to any known terror groups.

Author: Matt Zuvela, Catherine Bolsover (dpa, dapd, AFP)
Editor: Martin Kuebler

(Full Text) N.Y. Archbsp. Dolan defends pope: Remarks at Palm Sunday Mass

“No one has been more vigorous in cleansing the Church of the effects of this sickening sin than the man we now call Pope Benedict XVI…”

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York, made the following remarks at the conclusion of Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York on Sunday, March 28, 2010.

“May I ask your patience a couple of minutes longer in what has already been a lengthy — yet hopefully uplifting —Sunday Mass?

“The somberness of Holy Week is intensified for Catholics this year.

“The recent tidal wave of headlines about abuse of minors by some few priests, this time in Ireland, Germany, and a re-run of an old story from Wisconsin, has knocked us to our knees once again.

“Anytime this horror, vicious sin, and nauseating crime is reported, as it needs to be, victims and their families are wounded again, the vast majority of faithful priests bow their heads in shame anew, and sincere Catholics experience another dose of shock, sorrow, and even anger.

“What deepens the sadness now is the unrelenting insinuations against the Holy Father himself, as certain sources seem frenzied to implicate the man who, perhaps more than anyone else has been the leader in purification, reform, and renewal that the Church so needs.

“Sunday Mass is hardly the place to document the inaccuracy, bias, and hyperbole of such aspersions.

“But, Sunday Mass is indeed the time for Catholics to pray for “ . . . Benedict our Pope.”

“And Palm Sunday Mass is sure a fitting place for us to express our love and solidarity for our earthly shepherd now suffering some of the same unjust accusations, shouts of the mob, and scourging at the pillar, as did Jesus.

“No one has been more vigorous in cleansing the Church of the effects of this sickening sin than the man we now call Pope Benedict XVI. The dramatic progress that the Catholic Church in the United States has made — — documented again just last week by the report made by independent forensic auditors — — could never have happened without the insistence and support of the very man now being daily crowned with thorns by groundless innuendo.

“Does the Church and her Pastor, Pope Benedict XVI, need intense scrutiny and just criticism for tragic horrors long past?

“Yes! He himself has asked for it, encouraging complete honesty, at the same time expressing contrition, and urging a thorough cleansing.

“All we ask is that it be fair, and that the Catholic Church not be singled-out for a horror that has cursed every culture, religion, organization, institution, school, agency, and family in the world.

“Sorry to bring this up … but, then again, the Eucharist is the Sunday meal of the spiritual family we call the Church. At Sunday dinner we share both joys and sorrows. The father of our family, il papa, needs our love, support, and prayers.”