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It was only a matter of when, not if — German bishop attacked during Easter service

EDITOR: Another reason for ‘waking up and smelling the incense’… A thurible can be used for crowd control!

Sounds like the good bishop did well in defending himself against his (media inspired?) attacker. Now, how ’bout a legion of thurible armed bishops heading forthwith into the editorial board (war) rooms of the NYT, AP, and NCR… I know. I know. Charity…  

MUENSTER, Germany (AP) — Police say a man attacked the Roman Catholic Bishop of Muenster with a broom handle during an Easter service in the city’s cathedral.

Police said in a statement Sunday that 60-year-old bishop Felix Genn defended himself with an incense bowl and was unharmed.

A police spokesman tells the German news agency DAPD that “courageous church officials and other service attendants restrained the attacker until police arrived.” After the incident, the bishop continued celebrating the Easter service.

Police say the 44-year-old man stormed through the packed church to the altar.

The man’s motive was unclear but comes as Germany’s Catholic Church is facing itense criticism over a widening abuse scandal.