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Flawed Gay Policy — Archdiocese of Boston to Announce Catholic School Admission Policy for Children of Gay Parents (via Bryan Hehir Exposed)


There’s nothing pretty about sin… Especially when it’s flaunted about as normal adult behavior when children are present.

Found this in my e-mail this morning…

Very shortly, the Archdiocese of Boston plans to unveil their new Catholic Schools Admission policy expressly requested by Cardinal Sean O’Malley so as to direct that children of gay and lesbian parents be admitted to Catholic Schools. Rumor has it that the policy might be released publicly as early as Thursday, January 6 at the annual convocation of Catholic school principals and pastors. The policy, if implemented even remotely as it appeared i … Read More

via Bryan Hehir Exposed

Meet Davey Wavey — Need another reason for full implementation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae?

§ 5. The education of students is to combine academic and professional development with formation in moral and religious principles and the social teachings of the Church; the programme of studies for each of the various professions is to include an appropriate ethical formation in that profession. Courses in Catholic doctrine are to be made available to all students(51).

Ex Corde Ecclesiae

“Well…, we got the professional development part down anyway.”

Meet Davey Wavey: Keep in mind that according to this articulate young entrepreneur he was raised Catholic, attended Catholic School and Catholic University…

His “Theology of the Body”, partially transcribed, follows his pitch:

  • Remember that where there is love there is God, and it doesn’t matter with whom that consensual love is shared.
  • Call in sick the day they talk about the “sin” of masturbation.
  • Sublimate your “Catholic guilt” with regular exercise.
  • Remember that all the rules, all the laws, and all the regulations were written by people, and that people have a pretty good track record for lapses of judgment.
  • Internalize only those teachings that ring true in your heart. You don’t need to believe something just because a man in a robe tells you it’s true. Think for yourself.
  • Read the David and Jonathan story in the Bible (1 Samuel: 18). And if ever you’re doubting yourself, read it again because those two were so doing it.
  • As you get older, if this is an option, (and if you want to stay Catholic), try to find a more progressive Catholic church in your area.
  • Go to SoulForce.org, their wonderful folks, really courageous, and read the publication, ‘What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Homosexuality’.
  • Trust God enough to accept yourself as you were created to be. And, yes, this takes guts and you’ll have to go out on a limb, but God will be out on that limb with you.
  • Know that our good friend Jesus never said one word about same-sex relationships. all the words came from other people.
  • Realize that loving yourself isn’t a sin. It’s respecting the creation that God made, which is you.
  • When you hear people say that you’re going to go to hell because your gay, and you’re going to hear it, have the courage and trust in God’s love, and not doubt that.