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The Health Care Debate: We are all standing on Mappatella Beach

Another “Above My Pay Grade” moment in the world…


EDITORS NOTE: Last September then pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama said he didn’t know when human life began — saying it was “above my pay grade.”

Following that Saddleback debate with John McCain candidate Obama later went on to clarify within another interview his, as he put it, “To flip” comment. Saying, “What I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility…all I meant to communicate was that I don’t presume to be able to answer these kinds of theological questions,” he said.

“I am the first and the last…” (and all hearts inbetween)

Of course, for authentic Christian and non-Christian pro-life defenders alike, the current health care debate becomes a non-debate, (and rightfully so), if taxpayer funded abortion finds its beast-like claws within any health care proposal or bill. But, there are other life issues that have raised considerable ire as well within the pro-life community and within the hearts of many Americans during the current debate, namely, end of life issues.

Along with President Obama’s “Christian humility” on the question of human conception (life) there’s now found within the debate questions, many complicated, on human departure (death). All this makes it fairly obvious that there’s a great confusion, (even among Christians who should know better), concerning the sacredness of human life in both its beginning and ending stages… As evidence, I submit, had Catholics/Christians voted their faith last November, Barack Obama would not be president today.

Yet, despite the outcome of the election, we must ask ourselves what underlies the source of this confusion concerning the sacredness of life?

Wake up and live America…

After reading over the following article I discovered not only what’s wrong with the confusing healthcare debate, but more, what’s really ailing America and the world: It’s called human indifference.

Indifference toward God and neighbor.

Perhaps after reading the article you too will find, as I did, that we are all in some real sense standing together on Mappatella Beach… That is, of course, minus the footprints of 50 million, or so, aborted children.

Everything Normal on Mappatella Beach

by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo

A series of pictures in Milan’s Corriere della Sera of July 31 shows a typical scene on a modern beach on a calm and pleasant day. Leaving aside the aspects of immorality and prosaism, everything seems normal on Mappatella Beach in the outskirts of Naples.

Some beachgoers are sunbathing on the warm sand, others chat peaceably; a lady applies sun block lotion on another; a girl warms herself languidly in the sun. A little farther away, some people swim. All is normal.

Or, rather, all appears to be normal.

anziano morto colpo di malore in spiaggiaIn fact, these photos illustrate a chronicle by Paolo Di Stefano in the Milan daily titled: Under the sunshade, next to a corpse, the indifference of beachgoers: some apply sun block, others swim…

Di Stefano recounts how some bathers on the beach had seen a corpse floating strangely on the water, carried by the waves.

Was the person drowning? Or was he already dead? Who cares? The day was so beautiful, the sun so pleasant, the water so inviting.

At one point, one of the bathers called the lifeguards on his cell phone. That done, he went back to enjoy the delights of the beach. “It is not my job”

Since time went by and no help was forthcoming, another bather took the initiative to pull the corpse out of the water and lay him on the sand. Others threw bathing towels on top of him and opened a sunshade, partially hiding him. With that done, there was no longer the unpleasant view of a human corpse floating on the waves… and all went back to normal on Mappatella Beach.

This is how Antonio Sommaripa, 73 – a beachgoer like all others – died without any help right in the middle of the others, who continued to enjoy the pleasant Neapolitan beach.


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