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Dear Benedict: Go to hell!

This print from Martin Luther’s Wider das Bapstum zu Rom vom Teuffel gestifft, (Against the Papacy founded by the Devil, 1545) depicts the Pope with ass’s ears sitting on a pyre erected in the mouth of Hell, represented by an enormous monster. The Pope, with hands held together in prayer is surrounded by demons who fly around him and hold the papal tiara above his head.

Reform minded blindness

It is Holy Thursday.  The day during Holy Week that the church commemorates the institution of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Ordination. I will spend the entire evening and into the early morning hours of Good Friday alone in the church praying with Jesus Christ–body, blood, soul, and divinity truly present within the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar–The Eucharist.

This morning I learned who I’ll be praying for: Pope Benedict The XVI and all who have validly received the Sacrament of Holy Orders. But, particularly those who have strayed from the promises they made at ordination.

I will also be praying for this terribly misguided soul who just today wrote on the Facebook page of the dissident group, Call To Action, these very words:

Dear Benedict: Go to hell!

Note: As of 5pm P.S.T. Call To Action has yet to delete the offensive remark… To leave a charitable protest you can find their site here.

NYT: Visiting the Benedict Scandal Learning Network for Kids…

‘Teaching And Learning With The New York Times…’
Nice propaganda Huh?

Dissident Catholic rags like the National Catholic Reporter have nothing over the New York Times (or as some prefer to call it these days  Hell’s Bible) when it comes to hit jobs. NYT takes no prisoners–women and children be damned…

Our daily permeation of scandal spew continues on with Holly Epstein Ojalvo’s effort on The Learning Network found within the Education Section of the NYT’: 

We realize that many teachers and parents want to help their students and children understand the current sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. I chose the article below because it provides a good basic overview, without any graphic details. To find updated news and more background, visit the Times Topics pages on the Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases, Pope Benedict XVI and the Roman Catholic Church.

WHO are the key figures in the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church?

WHAT has been the current pope’s role in and response to the scandal, including when he was serving as an archbishop?

WHERE in Europe and the United States are extensive cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests concentrated?

WHEN did the abuse reported in the article take place?

WHY are many Irish Catholics experiencing a “growing sense of anger”?

HOW did church officials initially respond to allegations made against priests?

Education is where the false spirit of Vatican II reformation of the church failed, crashed, and continues to burn… Under John Paul II and today under Benedict XVI the Church is being refreshed in truth… Albeit, slowly and to the chagrin of many…

COUNTERPOINT: Here’s some reliable facts on the Benedict scandal: A Response to the New York Times by Father Raymond J. de Souza

VIDEO H/TSt. Joseph’s Vanguard And Our Lady’s Train (A fine site I just discovered…)