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Mr. Potato Head Concelebrates The Holy Mass?: Fratres Blog News 05.05.08

    The closing Liturgy of the 2008 West Coast Call To Action Conference, held in San Jose, California, last week (see “highlights” below) demonstrates why faithful Catholics must move to convince U.S. Bishops that the time has come for the full dissolution of all false renewal (see: dissent) groups within the Church such as Call To Action.

Liturgical abuses at the conference included, but, perhaps were not limited to:

   A syncretic Buddhist meditation opening the Mass… Liturgical dancers bodies gyrating with one another and toward the Word… Life-sized Mr. Potato Head Jesus Puppets (complete with stoles) appear concelebrating the Mass… Use of leavened instead unleavened bread…Denial of the spiritual reality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit within prayer… Homily given by layperson, and other abuses I’ll leave for competent liturgical experts to define, explain and mourn.

   Liturgical abuse notwithstanding, all this spawn of the Devil only amplifies the reality of the endangerment of souls, whom after having allowed themselves to be led into association with formal, organized, and long-standing ecclessial disobedience to the Church, now find themselves separated from the right ordering of their Catholic faith and its practice, as conference workshops and presentations confirm.

Click here to write your Bishop and make your concerns known.

Update on the West Coast Call To Action Website: 

As of 6:30 pm west coast time 05.08.08, the West Coast Call To Action website has been shut down (see below for further information)… Here is the saved video…


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