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It’s Polka Mass Sunday!

And I was all twisted-up yesterday at Mass over having to sit through, yet again, another reprise of the non-Catholic Protestant classic “Amazing Grace”…

Bishop Peter F. Christensen of the Diocese of Superior, at Moon Lake Park, celebrating the Polka Mass.

Yep. The Polka Mass… With music provided by, get this, the “Singing Slovenes”, ( A name that recalls to my mind the indecorous barking of an old crusty Marine Corp D.I. from years past– “GET YOUR ‘SWINGING, er, SLOVENES‘ ON THE ROAD LADIES!!”). I know, I know… It makes about as much biological sense as the polka mass does to me and the Badger Catholic, who has the story here.


The liturgical reincarnation of Jim Jones — Rev. Pfleger

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Catholic Truth (Scotland) has the Rev. Pfleger story [Shame on You, Cardinal George!] with link [Eucharistic Prayer Number Zero] to yet another I’m-not-so-sure-it’s-even-a-valid-mass video. But, this one caught my eye instead:

Rev. Pfleger’s Holy Thursday 2010 Eucharistic Prayer…

In viewing Fr. Pfleger’s unnecessary emotionalism (As if, God’s presence isn’t enough for us…) I kept feeling drawn for some reason to compare and contrast Pfleger/Jones preaching styles, and so Googled the movie on Jones’ life–Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones . The similarities are, well, you tell me…

Best comparison: Clicking back and forth between videos following sentences…     


ADMIN NOTE: In no manner am I implying upon the person of Rev. Pfleger that he in any way shares in/or wills the same dastardly motives leading to the reprehensible acts of Jim Jones upon the unfortunate souls in Guyana. The same cannot be said, however, for Rev. Pfleger’s monstrous poisoning of authentic faith and morals and “Protestantizing of the Sacred Liturgy…”   In this “Year of the Priest” we need to pray deeply for heterodox priests such as these…


BREAKING — The Battle of Thiberville: Victoire!


“Bishop Nourrichard has backed off, after having seen the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, recently appointed to France by the Pope…”  



Good news from TAC Fr. Anthony Chadwick on the Anglo-Catholic:  

Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura

I am informed by the Forum Catholique article that Bishop Nourrichard has backed off, after having seen the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, recently appointed to France by the Pope. This Nuncio was previously in Canada, and this much-loved prelate was known to our Canadian TAC Bishops, as Bishop Peter Wilkinson has told me.  

The new priestly team appointed by Bishop Nourrichard will not minister in Thiberville and the 12 other churches of the parish group, and Fr. Michel is to be allowed to continue his ministry.  

Bishop Nourrichard spent the day last Thursday in Paris with the Nuncio. The scandal of Thiberville had taken on international dimensions.  

Many priests in France in France and elsewhere have refused to be moved from their parishes. What is now happening is that Benedict XVI wants parishes and the stability of their priests to be respected by diocesan bishops.  

The tide has turned. Deo gratias! And may this be an encouragement for us all.

Report in French: 


Thiberville : Mgr Nourrichard a reculé après avoir vu le Nonce 

On apprend par La Vie que Mgr Nourrichard va publier une lettre à l’attention de tous les chrétiens du diocèse d’Evreux qui sera lue dans les paroisses dimanche. On sait qu’il a annoncé que la nouvelle équipe sacerdotale nommée pour succéder à l’abbé Michel s’abstiendra de se rendre à Thiberville et qu’il autorise finalement l’abbé Michel à célébrer les sacrements. 

Il faut dire que l’évêque d’Evreux a passé la journée de jeudi à la Nonciature à Paris, où Mgr Ventura a pris ses fonctions, il y a maintenant plus d’un mois. Comme nous l’avons vu, le scandale de Thiberville prend une ampleur internationale et les discussions vont bon train sur ce sujet dans les couloirs du Vatican. Comme l’écrit Alain Hasso sur le blog de Monde & Vie : 

* “Des cas comme celui de l’abbé Michel, de curés refusant leur mutation, il y en a des centaines par an dans la chrétienté. Mais celui-là ne passe pas inaperçu. L’enjeu ? Le respect par l’évêque d’une paroisse, la seule qui marche dans son diocèse, et qui marche, selon la volonté de Benoît XVI avec les deux rites. Un seul chiffre : il y a eu 170 confirmations l’an dernier dans le diocèse d’Evreux. 40 pour la seule paroisse de Thiberville. Quand l’abbé Michel est arrivé voici 22 ans, il y avait des ADAP, des assemblée du dimanche en l’absence de prêtre, la pratique n’était pas plus élevée qu’ailleurs. Au bout de 22 ans, Thiberville constitue que l’évêque le veuille ou non le seul fleuron d’un diocèse sinistré par une gestion progressiste qui dure depuis Jacques Gaillot, qui a continué avec Jacques David, et qui se termine dans le désert avec Christian Nourrichard. Il faut ajouter que la mutation de l’abbé Michel comme vicaire à Louviers (à l’autre bout du diocèse) correspondrait à la fermeture de la paroisse. Comme l’a dit l’évêque qui ce jour là ne s’embarrassait pas de langue de buis : «La paroisse est supprimée» Eh bien ! L’abbé Michel ne refuse pas seulement sa mutation, il refuse cette suppression arbitraire. Son vœu en cette année sacerdotale, particulièrement consacrée au Curé d’Ars ? Il l’a répété à plusieurs reprises : faire comme le Curé d’Ars, mourir dans sa paroisse, dont il connaît chaque famille, commençant sans doute à marier ceux qu’il a baptisé voici 22 ans. L’évêque a répondu simplement que l’Evangile ne nous demandait pas de nous arrêter mais d’être toujours en mouvement. Je ne sais sur quel verset il s’appuie, mais il avait déjà été particulièrement malchanceux dimanche dernier en citant un verset de psaume qui n’existe pas. Ce qui est clair en tout cas c’est que rien ne remplacera jamais le dévouement à vie et le lien quasi charnel que le curé tisse avec sa paroisse.” 



Yea, yea, snappy and lively, but you haven’t see me movin’ and jukin’ yet to ‘Table of Plenty…’ 

This minute of insanity came to us from Catholic Church Conservation. Notice the dance is around a stealth priestess…


Beware of Roving Gangs of Little O’Lady’s Swinging Chains: Fratres Blog News-Tuesday 02.26.08

You’ve heard it said, “Never underestimate the power of those little O’Lady’s with their Rosaries.” But, my understanding is that those rosaries always work for the common good. Apparently not so up in Albany, Oregon. Rosaries are now related to “gang activity”. At least in the mind of  the school principal who suspended a couple of students this week for wearing their rosaries and crucifixes and refusing to hide them… Get the story here. And, for God’s sake, watch out for roving gangs of little O’lady’s swinging chains…


It’s getting better all the time for the more traditionally minded Catholic with Pope Benedict the XVI as Vicar of Christ on earth. His latest move on the liturgical front is perhaps a return of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue instead of hand reception… It’s those little Ol’lady’s again, I just know it!!!

There’s a place for us… where the term “Freer Ethos” is actually defined as “Faith Apostatized.” Warning: This is a propaganda story to undermine the beauty associated with a priest being married to none other than God. A deep mystery of our faith, as St. Paul relates so well…

Speaking of the priesthood and controversy, there is no greater bruhaha within Christianity than the authority of Pope’s. For a clear perspective on the papacy instituted by Christ on earth I recommend this article on the “Chair of Peter” over at Utter Mutterings.

The following are the words of a shepherd tending his flock, relish them…  

“I do not wish Catholic institutions or organizations to invite speakers into the diocese who have written articles or given lectures that oppose, deny, reject, undermine or call into question the authentic teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church.”

Find out who spoke thus, get the story here.

The bestwhere-to-give-alms-during-lent” article on the blogosphere is found over at Digital Diatribes of a Random Idiot. Locally, (here in Oregon), I encourage support for Project Aurora–they offer workshops and presentations throughout the state teaching our teens the true meaning of human sexuality along with the merits of choosing abstinence. They are also instrumental in helping women (and men) suffering from the nasty effects of past abortions through coordinating Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats. To Learn more about Project Aurora or donate to this fine cause click here

A new Pew study released today reports that Catholicism is losing adherents in America, although numbers are up because of immigration… It seems that aging young people are not as prone to settling on religion as in previous years.

Finally, a call for help and prayer need in the Archdiocese of Portland…

Do you have Type O blood? Would you be willing to donate a kidney for an woman in serious need? Those interested in learning more about donating a kidney should contact Laurie Pharr, living donor coordinator, at (503) 413-6553 or (877) 622-8030. To find out more please click here. Thanks.  

Pope Benedict XVI Angelus: Opening The Heart To The Word Of God

VATICAN CITY, 24 FEB 2008 (VIS) – At midday today, the Holy Father appeared at the window of his study overlooking St. Peter’s Square, to pray the Angelus with thousands of faithful gathered below.

On this third Sunday of Lent, said the Holy Father, “the liturgy presents us with one of the most beautiful and profound texts of the Bible: the dialogue between Jesus and the Samaritan woman”.

“Jesus spoke of ‘living water’ capable of quenching thirst and of becoming, in her, a spring ‘gushing up to eternal life’. He also showed that He knew details of her personal life and revealed that the hour had come to worship the one true God in spirit and in truth. Finally – something very rare – He confided to her that He was the Messiah”.

“The theme of thirst runs throughout the Gospel of John”, said the Pope, “from the meeting with the Samaritan woman to the great prophecy during the Festival of Booths, and even unto the Cross when, in order to fulfil Scripture, Jesus said before dying ‘I am thirsty’. … Yes, God thirsts for our faith and our love. Like a good and merciful father He desires all possible good for us, and this good is He Himself.

“The woman of Samaria”, he added, “represents the existential dissatisfaction of people who have not found what they were seeking. She had had ‘five husbands’ and was living with another man. Her coming and going to the well to draw water was an expression of a repetitive and resigned existence, but that day everything changed for her thanks to her meeting with the Lord Jesus Who affected her so deeply that she abandoned the water jar and ran to tell the people in the village: ‘Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done!” He cannot be the Messiah, can he?'”

Benedict XVI invited the faithful to open their hearts “to a trusting perception of the Word of God so that, like the Samaritan woman, we may meet Jesus Who reveals His love to us and says: the Messiah is your Saviour, ‘I am he, the one who is speaking to you’. May Mary, the first and perfect disciple of the Word made flesh, obtain this gift for us”.

Following the Angelus, the Pope referred to “recent floods that have devastated extensive coastal areas of Ecuador, causing terrible damage to add to that already caused by the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano. Entrusting the victims of this calamity to the Lord, I express my personal closeness to those experiencing moments of anguish and tribulation and I invite everyone to show fraternal solidarity so that the people of these areas may, as soon a possible, return to the normality of everyday life”.