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Video: Dutch Catholic Mass Goes Orange, Priest Suspended

Think, Dutch Catechism…


A CATHOLIC priest in the Netherlands who held an orange-themed Mass in support of the national soccer team before last weekend’s World Cup final has reportedly been suspended.

The Reverend Paul Vlaar wore an orange robe and decked out his church in orange before Sunday’s match against Spain, the BBC reported.

He even acted as a goalkeeper as a parishioner kicked a soccer ball down the aisle.

Footage of the unique service in the village of Obdam north of Amsterdam was seen around the globe after making it on to YouTube.

Bishop of Haarlem Jozef Punt was not impressed however, saying it had not paid sufficient respect to the sacred nature of the Eucharist.

In a statement, he said the service had “caused outrage” in the Netherlands and overseas, and he ordered Vlaar to enter “a period of reflection”.

The Netherlands lost the World Cup final one-nil in extra-time to Spain.

This from the fine blog In Caelo et in Terra who broke the story:

The Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam has published a statement regarding Father Paul Vlaar and his World Cup Mass, about which I wrote a few days ago. Here is my translation:

On Sunday 11 July, Pastor Paul Vlaar of Obdam celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the spirit of the Football World Cup, wearing an orange chasuble, and did insufficient justice, in text and form, to the sanctity of the Eucharist. The footage of this has caused indignation among faithful here and abroad.

In the past the bishop had impressed upon Fr Vlaar not to mix the Holy Eucharist with profane events. The pastor has said to fully support this and promised to abide. The pastor’s pastoral zeal and commitment are not under discussion.

Following this new incident the bishop again met with Fr. Vlaar, imposed an immediate time of reflection on him and relieved him of his priestly duties for the time being. Things will once again be considered at a later date.

The situation created by the ‘orange Mass’ was a difficult and painful one for many people. The comments in my blog reflected that. I am glad to see that Bishop Punt made the best decision at this time. Change must ideally not be imposed from Rome, but must come from the person in question. A time of reflection allows for that.

Let’s keep Fr. Vlaar in our prayers, that his time of reflection may be fruitful.

Yes, Fruitful.



The liturgical reincarnation of Jim Jones — Rev. Pfleger

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Catholic Truth (Scotland) has the Rev. Pfleger story [Shame on You, Cardinal George!] with link [Eucharistic Prayer Number Zero] to yet another I’m-not-so-sure-it’s-even-a-valid-mass video. But, this one caught my eye instead:

Rev. Pfleger’s Holy Thursday 2010 Eucharistic Prayer…

In viewing Fr. Pfleger’s unnecessary emotionalism (As if, God’s presence isn’t enough for us…) I kept feeling drawn for some reason to compare and contrast Pfleger/Jones preaching styles, and so Googled the movie on Jones’ life–Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones . The similarities are, well, you tell me…

Best comparison: Clicking back and forth between videos following sentences…     


ADMIN NOTE: In no manner am I implying upon the person of Rev. Pfleger that he in any way shares in/or wills the same dastardly motives leading to the reprehensible acts of Jim Jones upon the unfortunate souls in Guyana. The same cannot be said, however, for Rev. Pfleger’s monstrous poisoning of authentic faith and morals and “Protestantizing of the Sacred Liturgy…”   In this “Year of the Priest” we need to pray deeply for heterodox priests such as these…



Yea, yea, snappy and lively, but you haven’t see me movin’ and jukin’ yet to ‘Table of Plenty…’ 

This minute of insanity came to us from Catholic Church Conservation. Notice the dance is around a stealth priestess…


Tunisian Doughnut Mistaken for Christ – Diocese of Linz, Austria

“Look at Christ – For a Good Future in Our Diocese.”

Dean of Urfahr, Helmut Part

Austrian priest Gerhard Maria Wagner will not attend Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz’ special Mass of reconciliation this Sunday. Bishop Schwarz will say Mass Sunday under the slogan “Look at Christ – For a Good Future in Our Diocese.”

Fr. Gerhard Maria Wagner

Fr. Wagner said the reason was the use of a modern monstrance during a Corpus Christi procession in Linz on June 11, which he called “a provocation.” Bishop Schwarz has also criticised the unauthorised use of the barbecue-tong-like-monstrance as not in keeping with traditional observances of the feast of Corpus Christi…

Reports are that the Pope is losing patience with the Diocese of Linz…

I guess so.

Austrian Nightmare Mass: Cardinal Schönborn Celebrates Youth Mass

It was night. Again…



I couldn’t imagine any scenario that could have humbled the atrocious nature of the liturgies we witnessed at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Minneapolis, or, the 2008 Northern California Call To Action Conference in San Jose this year. But, indeed, the puppet masses have been put to the test and were found wanting… This is a video of a Youth Mass celebrated yesterday by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna in Wolfsthal, Lower Austria.

There is only one word for this monstrosity below:


My Apologies.

Mr. Potato Head Concelebrates The Holy Mass?: Fratres Blog News 05.05.08

    The closing Liturgy of the 2008 West Coast Call To Action Conference, held in San Jose, California, last week (see “highlights” below) demonstrates why faithful Catholics must move to convince U.S. Bishops that the time has come for the full dissolution of all false renewal (see: dissent) groups within the Church such as Call To Action.

Liturgical abuses at the conference included, but, perhaps were not limited to:

   A syncretic Buddhist meditation opening the Mass… Liturgical dancers bodies gyrating with one another and toward the Word… Life-sized Mr. Potato Head Jesus Puppets (complete with stoles) appear concelebrating the Mass… Use of leavened instead unleavened bread…Denial of the spiritual reality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit within prayer… Homily given by layperson, and other abuses I’ll leave for competent liturgical experts to define, explain and mourn.

   Liturgical abuse notwithstanding, all this spawn of the Devil only amplifies the reality of the endangerment of souls, whom after having allowed themselves to be led into association with formal, organized, and long-standing ecclessial disobedience to the Church, now find themselves separated from the right ordering of their Catholic faith and its practice, as conference workshops and presentations confirm.

Click here to write your Bishop and make your concerns known.

Update on the West Coast Call To Action Website: 

As of 6:30 pm west coast time 05.08.08, the West Coast Call To Action website has been shut down (see below for further information)… Here is the saved video…


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