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Blog News 11.10.07

Time after time I’m amazed by the zeal of both converts and reverts in their opposition tohistoryofarchdiocese_image.jpg anything that smacks of the false “spirit of Vatican II”. For these, and I include myself here among their brethren, the “spirit” of vatican II did not originate from heavenly inspiration, nor is it for us today a stairway to heaven. Rather, “the spirit of Vatican II” is viewed as a three-tiered stairwell constructed by the world, the flesh, and the devil which may eventually lead undiscerning souls to the unfriendly confines of hell.

One of the false notions of the “spirit” is the self-denial of its adherents to the unique nature of the Catholic Church as being the sole deposit of the fullness of Christian faith and worship. This is played out in numerous ways, and one such is the reality of false ecumenism.

This week the Catholic Campaign for Human Develop will come knocking on the doors of Catholic hearts and wallets. For many the CCHD drive is a shill game which acts to empower those in opposition to catholic faith and morals while draining resources that could be spent on, well, human development… Those in the womb come to mind for many. Here’s some information for your discernment.