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Catholics for McCain Censored at Catholic Voters Conference in Portland: A Report by Carolyn Wendell

Dear Life Advocates,  

       The Catholic Voters Conference on Tuesday night at Saint Clare Church was a new experience for me. I was at a speaker’s table sitting between two young people, a gal for Obama and a guy for Merkeley.  The panelist for Gordon Smith didn’t show.  Asking the questions was host, Bill Gallagher, news manager from KPAM radio and a Saint Clare parishioner.  About fifty? people showed up.  There were some friendly faces that gave me strength, as did your prayers.  Thank you.   

       The first speaker for this conference in July was Fr. Claude Pomerleau who is a liberation theology proponent.  This “theology” is condemned by the Church.  Here is a great article by then Cardinal Ratzinger. [Liberation Theology] The questions for the panel were written by the people who attended Fr. Pomerleau’s talk.   

       Saint Clare Justice and Peace committee sponsoring the conference is part of the Saul Alinsky/Faith in Public Life – based Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good (MACG).   So, the questions were lopsided: more on “war” than “questions on “life” probably 10/1.   In fact the categories were really called: Iraq, Social, International.    

(Forgot what “Faith in Public Life” is?  Get a FREE CD from last years’ JUSTICE IN PIECES workshop with Stephanie Block that explains the great persecution and drain of money from Catholics in the pews due to the control that Faith in Public Life/EMO groups have in our Catholic Church…contact me.)  

       The TRUTH has a RING to it, that’s why there is censorship in the Church. During the Question and Answer period…pro-life warrior, Dr. Russell Sacco, noted for a picture of him holding precious ten-week old unborn feet between his fingers, got many people there riled up.  Flashing symbolic “stop it right now” blue cards (in case speakers were rude or off topic)  the doctor’s explanation of abortion procedures created this panic. He did get a few gruesome truthful descriptions in…a quick pro-life education where none would have been.  Thank you Dr. Sacco.  

       My comments were “censored” three times by having my microphone shut off and flying blue cards again.  It seemed that stating facts of Obama’s record on abortion and the firmness on Church teachings were seen as “rude” .  I later asked the conference leader if this response was just “consciences being pricked” and not rudeness.  But, he said he was going to have to give me a bad report to the McCain Campaign anyhow. As long as my “report” to Christ the Lord is in union with His Will I am at peace.  As I said that night and I’m sure John McCain would agree, I’d rather have the Truth out there and save Souls (hopefully) than get votes for McCain by being silent.   

       To continue with the meeting….the “faith formation” teacher from Jesuit High School used as an expert on the “seamless garment”, said that Cardinal Bernardin’s theory was “Magisterial teaching” when asked this by a practicing Catholic in the audience.  His answer showed his lack of knowledge on this issue.  (This is NOT Magisterial teaching.)  The Earth Charter is taught at Saint Mary Academy and Bernardin’s theory as Magisterial teaching taught at Jesuit: these teachers need our prayers.  Bill Mizia, Catholic School Superintendent.  (see www.vocalnews.org for contact info)   

       The meeting was cut short by fifteen minutes even though many people had their hands up.  This seemed to be another aim at censorship.    

       After the talk, a man with his teen daughter confronted me on the aborted innocent child versus the innocent Iraqi child killed in combat.  He understood the difference by the answer:  MOTIVE : Abortion is ALWAYS the INTENTIONAL KILLING of innocent human life, whereas, the US Military does NOT intentionally kill Iraqi children.  Warnings are given so the innocent are able to flee, if at all possible.  Protecting the innocent civilians is US Military policy anything else is punished.  Whereas, the terrorists use children as suicide bombers.   He understood and our conversation ended happily.  Things can get confusing.   

       Next month there is the third talk of the series of four.  This one is on Immigration and the Economy, with a gal from Catholic Relief Services.  It would be healthy to have some questions for her and see where she stands.      

       In my opinion, the people in authority at this conference have rarely, if ever, been challenged.  They are making a living with Catholic money so they should live the Catholic life.  I am still “debating” the leader of the conference via email.  One statement he made to a group of us afterwards was that if something wasn’t “Ex Cathedra” from the Chair of Peter, then belief in it was up for grabs; he brought up Humane Vitae, out of the blue. When challenged, he said “You make a good point about ExCathedra statements.  It’s a very poor debating tool and you’re right, all things that are “truth” are not ExCathedra.  Nor are all things truth in Holy Scripture, or recorded by a Bishop, a Cardinal or a Pope.”  hmmm  

       He went on in his note to me… “I hope you will either quit this charade of Catholics for McCain or actually get behind, commit to, and learn about the real policies of Senator McCain. ” (what about abortion/marriage policies of Obama, what policy of McCain’s is of more severe proportion? VOCAL)  

       He continues….”Or, conversely (and I do mean conversely), become an agent of change in our church and culture to turn away from recreational sexuality and save lives through sexuality that doesn’t transmit lethal disease or generate unwanted pregnancy and which never places a woman in the position of having to even choose.”    What kind of sexuality? I’m almost afraid to ask.    

       I don’t think that Catholics for McCain is a CHARADE.. I don’t think that being an advocate for unborn life is a charade.  I don’t believe that the Church teachings are a charade.   I do believe John McCain when he says that he’ll be a pro-life President. (google Saddleback church/McCain)  His actions in the past have shown him to be an honorable man.  He supports unborn life and traditional marriage something that Obama is against.  

       Even if you think it’s a charade…help me. The plan is to have someone for each county.  This is a way to get to know people of like mind.  It’s just until Nov.  I’ll have things to send you that the Archdiocese allows to have in churches, issue pieces, and church teachings to help us all have informed consciences and defend our beliefs with TRUTH.   WE can have FREE CONFERENCE CALLS and get togethers.  The McCain campaign will pay for some nice meetings for us.  That would be a treat.  Usually it’s all volunteer. We don’t have any budget for pro-life ministries in Oregon.  Justice and Peace has at least $80,000 to help support Saul Alinsky groups through advertising and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon “ministries”…like Climate “Justice”.

       Knowing how hard these election cycles can be, thank you to those priests/Bishops who support the Church and Her Teachings and need our prayers in this battle.  By standing firm on the foundational issues of Life and Family, the Ship will stay on course, even though the rudder might be hard to control.   We need to pray for all priests and Bishops that they may be standards for Christ.  He Will Come Again.  

       This election may not have the perfect candidate for us..however, in the case of the fundamental issue of life and saving marriage between one-man and one-woman, we need someone who will pick Supreme Court justices that don’t legislate from the bench.  These are fundamental issues that take top priority.  They keep us grounded, on the narrow path.
       Sad to say, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the people of Oregon regarding Measure 303 Domestic Partnerships.  Now it must go before the Supreme Court.  We know first hand about this movement of liberal judges to have our society made in their image.      

Thanks again for your prayers.  Let’s play charades for Life.  

God Bless you and yours, Carolyn

Two Excommunicated in Canada, Two More To Follow? …Archdiocese of Portland Oregon Next

               You won’t find it in your local newspaper or anywhere on the internet, but reliable sources tell me the Zion Train is coming our way here in the Archdiocese of Portland Oregon on Saturday, June 7th, 2008. That is, Zion United Church of Christ in Gresham is offering its worship space to misguided Catholics assisting them in committing the canon crime of self-ordination in direct opposition to Catholic faith and tradition.

Last Thursday, in Victoria, British Columbia, James Lauder and Monica Kilburn-Smith (left) hopped the soul train to nowhere up in Canada and were ordained priests by the dissident group Roman Catholic Women Priests. The trouble is, that very same week the Congregation for the  Doctrine of Faith decreed “absolutely and universally” those who do so, along with the presiding Bishop, self-excommunicate themselves–Latae sententiae.

Last Year’s Ramblin’ Wreck…

               In 2007 Toni Tortorilla (right) mocked church teaching, sacred authority and the presence of Christ within the Sacrament of Holy Orders here in the Archdiocese of Portland by her consecration, and next Saturday her lesbian partner Ruth Boeski will, (at least in her own mind), also join her in the priesthood along with another woman who will become a deacon.

               Last year, Archbishop Vlasny denounced the phony ordinations after the fact some days later, along with rebuking the offending church who offered their premises for the protestant service. Some folks have perceived that our Shepherd acted too slowly and without enough force, but to be fair it seems the mode of operation of R.C.W.P./C.T.A. is intentionally designed to thwart Bishop’s from acting within their own dioceses until after the damage is done by:

  • Organizing phony consecrations secretly ahead of time with the help of local Call To Action groups
  • Keeping dates and times of events from Bishop’s within their dioceses in order to prevent them from acting in defending their flocks.
  • Inviting only sympathizers and the press until the ceremonies are complete, and then,
  • Reveling afterward in self-generated publicity–as their websites so clearly reveal.

The Two Cities…

               Interestingly enough, but probably no coincidence, is the fact that Archbishop Vlasny will be consecrating authentic priests at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Portland on the same day, meanwhile, across town R.C.W.P. with the help of Call To Action will be consecrating souls into the dangers associated with hell and everlasting regret.

               Yes, I mention the possibility of hell here, and I do so charitably and without fear. The Catholic Church is needed for eternal salvation and has been established by its Divine Founder as his fount in the world, and these organizations along with Zion United Church of Christ are together promoting and leading souls into dangerous contrary positions concerning the infallible teaching of the fount: the Church has no authority to ordain women as priests.

[Editors note: See: Ordinatio Sacerdotalis here, and I highly recommend the fine article by Christopher Zehnder explaining infallibility in this matter, and why its neither despotic nor patriarchal – just faithful; a perfect title].

The Z Train and False Ecumenism…

                If undermining the spiritual health and destination of Catholic souls is not worrisome enough, the fact that Zion United Church of Christ is in partnership with the Archdiocese of Portland as members of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) is troublesome as well.

                According to Carolyn Wendell, founder of Voice of Catholics Advocating Life, “the Archdiocese of Portland takes no action against these churches to stop these practices and we pay tens of thousands of dollars in membership fees to the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.”

               Mrs. Wendell is a Pro Life Activist within the diocese who finds it disturbing that the Respect Life Office goes unfunded while the Office of Peace and Justice–which acts as an free advertising vehicle for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon–receives ‘just from the Archbishops Appeal alone’ $60,000. She is seeking a just share for pro life activities in the diocese. It’s her hope, as her website notes, that truth and priorities will eventually prevail as more and more Catholics in our diocese realize as I have concerning EMO that: 

In effect, according to the current logic, Catholics in our diocese through our tithing are helping to fund a organization whose members, for the second year in a row, continue to disrespect the faith and tradition of Catholicism in the name of ecumenism. In this case, false ecumenism…

               Perhaps the time has come to reassess our priorities concerning our relationship with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, I don’t know, that’s for our Bishop to decide.  But, I do know that this year, anyway, the Z Train will not blindside our Bishop nor the flock he alone is rightfully charged with culling and tending. Note: I ask all my readers to help get the word out on this affront to the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Welding Pennies on the Track…

               The Z Train has yet to arrive, and I truly hope my sources are wrong… But if not, let everyone gather their pennies and place them on the tracks together in the hope of derailing these continual errors and threats to unity by writing Archbishop Vlasny and respectfully asking that:

  • He confirm, address, and prohibit within our diocese these false consecration(s) scheduled for June 7th.
  • He reaffirm the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith Decree forbidding the consecration of women to the priesthood.
  • Act to bring before the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops a resolution to declare that the tenets and actions of the Church dissent groups Call To Action and Roman Catholic Women Priests are not reconcilable with Catholic faith and morals, and thereby, are to be dissolved.

Let us also pray for all those above in peril to come to their true sense of faith…

After all, why should we (or they) sit alongside the streams of Babylon weeping in rememberance of Zion, when we know in our hearts the truth that we have been planted alongside the River of Life?  (Psalms 137:1)