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Why are these Christian schoolchildren learning to pray like Muslims in this mosque in France?

FRENCH TRANSLATION: Awakening to religions, but also immerse themselves in the places of worship. From St. Peter's College in Essarts, students in fifth, curious and open, laid their eyes on the mosque. A rich exchange followed with Ali Bensaada, chaplain to the jails. Through this visit, the college will have a picture of where Islam is lived. A good way to understand the most of their curriculum, interested in early Islam.

…Because false ecumenism is a cancer on the Body of Christ, the Church, that’s why…

Saint Peregrine (Pellegrino) Laziosi (Latiosi) (1260 – 1 May 1345) is the patron saint for those suffering from cancer. After viewing the following pics, perhaps it’s time for a novena on behalf of the Church in France afflicted so terribly with spiritual cancer, whose adults (in great numbers) no longer attend mass, but apparently find no problem with introducing young baptized hearts into the spiritual phenomenon of Islam.

Fifth grade students from Saint-Pierre Dessessart visit mosque in La Roche

I make this defender of the faith statement my own concerning refuting perverted Catholicism, as it is in this case: “The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is and must remain the center of all Truth on earth, until He comes again. To that end, we will continue to attack falsehood wherever we see it… Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God, and live forever.” 

EDITOR NOTE: This story first appeared in October within the online mag Ouest France; was reported on by Rorate Caeli, as well as other sources I can’t recommend here, as they themselves are not in full communion with the Catholic Church.


French Foreign Faith: Thiberville suffers loss of priest

From Osservatore Vaticano


Fr. Z is reporting via Rorate the following broken brick… ‘Cong. Clergy rejects appeal of parish priest in Thiberville’. 

My Google translation follows and Rorate provided these links for background: For those not yet aware of the Thiberville saga, please read this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.)


Everyone knows the famous case of Thiberville in the diocese of Evreux. This diocese is one of the victims of France. After Bishop Gaillot and Bishop David, the little genius Nourrichard Bishop manages the bankruptcy of a formerly Christian land, where churches are closing one after the other, the catechisms were deserted, vocations discouraged finances dried up.

In this desert, a priest, Father Francis Michael, maintains the most vibrant parishes, Thiberville. It happens that this priest, who is not from the world traditionalist but that is deeply traditional, had applied in advance the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum for many years.  With him are celebrated mass in the form known today as “extraordinary” and masses in the form of “ordinary”, but in a manner consistent with the wishes of Benedict XVI and “tours” to the Lord.

The result?  

Thiberville and the 14 towers that serve the Abbe Michel formed all over the Catholic life and most of the missionary diocese of Evreux: Church Thiberville fills all the masses, serving “carousel” of other churches, catechisms, active participation the faithful crowd of choir boys, fraternities, all beautifully restored churches, funerals celebrated by the priest himself … These parishes where the communion of Catholics lived in an exemplary manner is a model of the control Pope.

That’s what “the spirit of the Council”, with 40 years late, could not bear.  At the end of last December, Archbishop Nourrichard informed the pastor … his parish was removed and attached to a “whole parish.” In fact, the parish Thiberville no longer own pastor, who was “dismissed”. 

We know what ensued: January 3, Bishop went to Thiberville with his staff to announce with “pain” his decision final. But he ran into the rebellion of an entire county, which rejected the end of Catholicism in this corner of Normandy. A church packed to the rafters, foremost of which was attended by the mayor and general counsel with the whole council, cheered their pastor and prevented the bishop announced that he had removed the parish and the priest. 

An appeal was then filed within the time prescribed in two phases, with the Congregation for the Clergy. The case was overwhelming to the bishop. You should know that such action is suspension that things remain unchanged until the Roman decision irrelevant. And in such cases, it is usually only very late, when the spirits are appeased.

 Everyone also knows that Rome takes a very dim view of these groupings parish legally undefinable. It is a problem of great concern to the Roman canon law: the rights of cure have been depleted by the bishops since the Council. The principle remains true that the traditional tenure of the pastor (that reflected the popular saying: “The priest is the pope in his parish”). But the conferences of bishops of each country were given the power to waive. This is the case in France: the priests are now called “ad tempus”, which significantly unbalanced structure of the traditional life diocesan: Bishop postconciliar French has a lot more power over his cures by the play of appointments that was the traditional bishop.  Moreover, it often happens that bishops call for more priests, but only parish administrators, making them more dependent priests of the diocesan administration.

It is thus moving towards a long examination of the record, after which, the calm restored, and common sense show that life continues in the Catholic parish of Father Michael, the unjust decision, legally and pastorally disastrous, for the bishop could only be broken.

Now is exactly the opposite has happened. Filed in shape at the end of February, the action received a response within one month after: March 26, Father Michael has been informed … that was dismissed and his appeal is purely and simply rejected . The decision was signed by Cardinal Hummes, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, in person: Parish Thiberville no longer exists and therefore no longer cure.

In Rome itself, one is stunned. But everyone understands that the pressure of the Conference of Bishops of France was of uncommon strength. The French authorities the most prominent have been a matter of principle. They have won.

At least for now.  Because the decision is of course subject to appeal, and that other means may be used. There have been rumors about this already, I’ll tell you more as soon as possible …

But the fact remains that for the good people of God, the negative sign is given and catastrophic.

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