Boycott: See ya, Kraft products.

Oreo came out yesterday and said they “Support Love”. And so, today this site comes out and says we ‘Support Authentic Love’.

See ya, Kraft products. And no, (see below) we won’t rethink our stance…

12 thoughts on “Boycott: See ya, Kraft products.”

      1. How come it’s intolerant for Cassie to say that she will boycott Kraft for supporting something she disagrees with, but when you call her names because she supports something you disagree with, it’s okay?

      2. Not homophobic. Am intolerant of teaching children (and thus society) that homosexuality is “natural and acceptable” in order to justify and normalize in your own mind(s) sexual acts against nature, such as sodomy, as morally acceptable; in opposition to what they really are: disordered and unacceptable.

  1. The homophobes can rethink their stance as you suggest or just boycott all these brands and subsequently die of starvation… I vote for the latter!

    1. Really? Because I only ever use three of the above products, and my family somehow manages not to starve. Huh, go figure!

  2. When companies – and actors/actresses – start politicising, (i.e., Target, General Mills, Kraft, et al.) I and my family buy elsewhere. The homosexual radicals are the most intolerant people I’ve ever studied. They have no problem shutting down numerous small businesses across the country if that business (wedding halls, DJs, bakers, photographers, etc.) respectfully chooses not to provide service for something that is against their beliefs… But you’re a (insert degrading label, hate speech, bullying here) if you quietly choose not to purchase a product that is openly gay–friendly/anti-family. Such thoughtless, heartless hypocrisy on their part.

  3. this made me cry. how can you people hate someone just because the way they are? Do you want others to say YOU are not natural or “anti-family”? Maybe “god” is gay to, have you asked him? get over it, guys!

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