The driving force behind “Nuns on the Bus”

Catholic Nuns strutting about like rock stars…  Can it get any more worldly?


2 thoughts on “The driving force behind “Nuns on the Bus””

  1. Nuns on the bus… has the same cadence as “Pants on the ground…”

    Nuns on the bus
    Nuns on the bus
    Lookin’ like a fool with our
    Nuns on the bus

    Maybe that doesn’t work as well as I first thought.

    Ah, I’m making light here, but it is sad, really. Their concerns are not entirely without merit in the social justice realm, but to publicly call into question the Catholic faith of a politician over the non-doctrinal issue of state support for various programs during a time of fiscal irresponsibility, while eschewing responsibility for speaking out on Church doctrine regarding abortion, gay marriage, and the Priestly (non)vocation of women it is celar that they are in an unhealthy state of imbalance themselves. It is as if they would have us believe that these other things just get in the way of their other concerns. The Truth never gets in the way. They have not been asked to make it their primary mission to speak to these other issues. But it would be nice if – oh – they would at least submit to the magesterial authority of the Church and not publicly repudiate it.

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