8 thoughts on “The Archdiocese of Occupy Portland? (Part 1)”

  1. Wonderful article. This communistic invasion has been going on for at least forty years in the Archdiocese of Portland. Nothing is done by the hierarchy, so it is not even an assumption that they are benefiting financially and have these communistic/Alinsky types as their valuable friends.

    The main purpose, bottom line, in this alliance is to take down the Catholic Church and it’s going to be more of the same, unless we get a new Archbishop that has holy boldness and loves The Church as Christ designed Her to be with Him in Heaven for Eternity.

  2. I just heard about this on the Victoria Taft show and called St. Francis Church to confirm the story. I asked for the pastor and the woman says, “She’s not here.” Huh? “We’re different,” she said. Yuk yuk.

    Occupy Portland’s Open House is being held at the Church’s CHE GUEVARA Room http://www.portlandgeneralassembly.org/locations/che-room-st-francis/

    Fr. Bob Krueger (retired) says Mass there.

    He writes in the 12/18/11 bulletin: “I think that some forms of socialism are feasible and
    can be morally acceptable. Socialism, when compared with capitalism, is more democratic, better oriented toward the human and the
    common good, therefore, morally superior to capitalism.”

    Another radical supporter of OP: Catholic Worker Movement http://www.catholicworker.org/AllLinks.cfm# .

  3. Great blog article! Just discovered it! Thanks for embedding my video. These are violent people leading this movement they will not stop until we stop them. Here’s a another example of what Occupy is all about. By the way the person with Varner in the Video you embedded is Ibrahim Mubarik a convicted criminal and racist. http://youtu.be/CNjQuHeYlJg

  4. One minor quibble: the “church” is described as being in southwest Portland. It is, in fact. located in southeast Portland.

  5. Great article. These people are sick terrorists; it should be no surprize to anyone that both Nazis and Communists have endorsed them. I took photos of signs they had around the perimeter of the Occupy Portland camp that blatantly threatened death and torture to the general public of Portland.


    More recently I discovered VOCAL’s posts about the Catholic Sentinel praising Occupy Portland and Saul Alinsky. I’m glad people are on to this, but I’m not optimistic about Church leadership. They’ve been looking the other way for a LONG TIME while feminazis, pro-abortion groups, and all kinds of radical “social justice” quasi-cults have infiltrated.

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