Acts of the Apostasy on WordPress!

PHOTO: The Curt Jester

A big TOF welcome to Acts of the Apostasy here on WordPress! Click and follow the fun…

Welcome To My New Home.

"Very Extraordinary" Eucharistic Ministers...

Come on in, make yourself at home…actually, scratch that.  Some of you might be Occupiers, and I can’t have anyone pitching tents in the front yard, peeing in the koi pond or doing you-know-what in the azaleas.

Anyway – I’ve made the switch.  After last Saturday’s glitch with Blogger (I’m of the opinion that I was hacked), I decided to migrate to WordPress.  I’m still arranging my stuff and filling out my blogroll, so please be patient.  I think I’ll keep my sidebar a bit more spartan this go around.  And all my past posts and comments have been imported.

So update your links and readers.  Click that “Follow” button.  Tell all your family and friends on Facebook.  Tweet it.  Plurk it.  Post about it at your blog.  Text your bff’s.  Contact your congressman.  Email your senator.  Put it in your parish bulletin.  Get it in your church announcements.

This is AoftheA’s new home.  Welcome.

One more thing – would you do me a favor and sign the guestbook? (that would be “leave a comment”, for those who attended U of Mich)  Curious to know who’s stopping in.  Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Acts of the Apostasy on WordPress!”

  1. Thanks for the house warming gift, James….I think. You wouldn’t believe how many comments I’ve gotten about the banner. I like keeping my readers on their toes.

    So far me likey WordPress.

  2. Congrats on your new “home”. I’m from Malaysia but I did visit Michigan in 2008 – Travers City to be more precise.
    Andrew Spykerman

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