Happy Thanksgiving LarryD…

Winner of the Call To Action Slogan Contest...



After spending the better part of last evening attempting to talk sense to a turkey, I finally decided this morning to just go ahead and wring, pluck, gut, clean and bake at 350 degrees. Now, in considering this Season of Sharing upon us, I’m inviting you and Mrs. LarryD to the table of plenty snark. Only you can platter and carve this bad bird above…

Happy Thanksgiving LarryD,


(P.S. You may also consider this an early Christmas gift.)


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving LarryD…”

  1. Thanks Jimmy! And Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    As far as the t-shirts go – I think my suggestions were much better. More accurate too.

    I see that C2A deleted all your comments because they contained hurtful words. Naughty naughty!

    1. Oh, I’m not sure where exactly I transgressed the line LarryD, LOL, probably somewhere between the reality of Hell and the need for wisdom to help avoid it (see below)… God bless you and yours this year LarryD. J

      NICOLE ZANAGLIO BERG: I certainly do adhere to the Church’s teaching, to treat homosexual persons “with respect, compassion and sensitivity”. As I did (fully) within my deleted comment… However, the promotion of errors and ambiguities CTA and Equally Blessed offer those struggling with homosexuality is not consistent with a Christian attitude of true respect and compassion: persons who are struggling with homosexuality no less than any others have the right to receive the authentic teaching of the Church from those who minister to them. You state that, “we are not necessarily approving of any sinful act, but rather assisting them to find God’s grace.” But, my dear, the very headline above betrays your statement. Look, we both agree on the need for God’s grace. In fact, the potency and profundity of that powerful divine help of the Holy Spirit is exactly the needed cure such love provides. But, the Spirit also convinces of sin, does He not? Leads us into truth? Is holiness Personified in the presence of the Trinity? But, for this help to arrive one needs to “repent”, and that’s my point: to promote transgender rights is not an act of Catholic justice in leading souls into freedom from sin and entrance into Heaven. And make no mistake here, (because Hell really does exist), to die in unrepentant mortal sin leads to separation from God… So it is with good reason and authentic love, that the Church teaches that the homosexual act is indeed grave and sinful; and as individuals making up an organization that influences souls, Wisdom calls each of you to be authentically just in regard to the gift of His love and salvation. Now, if I’m lying show me where, but if I’m telling the truth, why delete me? Your Friend in Christ, J

  2. You should know by now that telling the truth to these people is like squirting garlic juice in the eyes of a vampire. It hurts them. I read on another blog a great line, and I think it’s always true: “The truth appears hurtful to the effeminate.” It might have been said in jest, but the more I read and listen and talk to others, the more I believe it to be so.

    But you did the right thing. You went all Elijah on them (you spoke the truth in love, and God will reward you for it)

    And I have an idea about those t-shirts. Thanks for the inspiration!

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