Quote of the Day — On the purpose of Occupy Wall St…


And tell me, were there people calling for bringing back the guillotine? Yes. For beheading bankers? Yes. Complaining that the protest wasn’t violent enough? Yes. That the entire system of capitalism be destroyed? Yes. That this country needs a real revolution? Yes. That there were representatives of the communist party? Yes. That the protest was called for by a group out of Canada that don’t even live under our political system? Yes.

If you are going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth. This has been a 3 ring circus from jump street. The problem is, it’s using people’s anger or envy over 100 different issues, and when the only uniting factor is anger, being fueled by global reformists that are not part of or care about the American way of life, you are creating a brew that is not good for the 99%, not good for civilization. If you get your 100 wishes, the economy will be worse, entitlements will be unsustainable, blood will run in the streets, and the system that has done more for the quality of life of millions around the globe will be weakened.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day — On the purpose of Occupy Wall St…”

  1. It is about changing the world and our political systems (plural because it is a worldwide movement) for the better, not through violence but through mutual respect and love. Our sole demand is reform of the banking system for a more responsible economy, and this will bring greater fairness. I am involved in the London occupation movement and I am yet to see a single act of agression by a protestor.

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