MacLaren Hall Survivor? — 1940 – 2003

If you are a survivor of MacLaren Hall we are here for you…

Simply leave a short comment here on my blog and you will receive an e-mail link to a private online group of Mac Hall survivor’s. The online site was created just for you–by others just like you–-we who’ve experienced and survived portions of our childhood at the now infamous child “protective facility” known as MacLaren Hall, located in El Monte, California. Note: This is my own private blog and not related in any way to Mac Hall Survivors Online, except in the fact that I myself was a survivor and have chosen to promote the online group through this media for the sake of those in need; in other words–come as you are…


138 thoughts on “MacLaren Hall Survivor? — 1940 – 2003”

  1. Hi, my name is Katrina and I was never a resident, but my sister was and I am looking for her. My father abandoned her when she 4 days old and she was sent to McLaren. Her DOB is 15 Oct 65. I don’t have a name. Does this story sound familiar? You have two sisters desperately looking for you!!!

  2. Hi my name is Scott Shreve I Too am A Survivor Of that hell on earth, I was put there in the mid 80s And I didn’t know why. I remember the misery and the abuse, and I still suffer from the trauma, and May Never Recover.

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