It’s Polka Mass Sunday!

And I was all twisted-up yesterday at Mass over having to sit through, yet again, another reprise of the non-Catholic Protestant classic “Amazing Grace”…

Bishop Peter F. Christensen of the Diocese of Superior, at Moon Lake Park, celebrating the Polka Mass.

Yep. The Polka Mass… With music provided by, get this, the “Singing Slovenes”, ( A name that recalls to my mind the indecorous barking of an old crusty Marine Corp D.I. from years past– “GET YOUR ‘SWINGING, er, SLOVENES‘ ON THE ROAD LADIES!!”). I know, I know… It makes about as much biological sense as the polka mass does to me and the Badger Catholic, who has the story here.


2 thoughts on “It’s Polka Mass Sunday!”

  1. There was a coup d’etat in the Catholic Church at the 1958 conclave. Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected 2 days before John XXIII. A clear and unambiguous signal billowed out of the Sistine Chapel for 5 straight minutes as seen in this video.

    As soon as Roncalli usurped the Papal throne he called the the second Vatican Council setting the Church on a well designed plan to destruction.

    This is why we have polka “masses” and rainbow vestments. This is why the words of consecration have been changed. This is why we have an table now instead of an altar.This is why priests never talk about hell. This is why new Churches look like spaceships.

    I urge you to look at some of the evidence by watching the video posted and the rest of the videos in the series.

  2. Thomas…

    We (Catholics) are compelled by holy obedience to accept the Second Vatican Council–knowing all the while within our hearts that when God (and thus His Church) seems most defeated, it is then that He triumphs by the breathe of His Word…

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