Tod Brown should have his glass house…

With a finishing hammer…

With news outlets reporting this morning that the Diocese of Orange has offered 50 Million dollars cash to purchase the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, it seems fitting here that I should correct and paraphrase an anti-Catholic bigot concerning the same matter:

Since most followers of sacred scripture, tradition, and the authentic teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church can see right through Tod Brown it is only right that he should have his glass house on a fault line… 

PHOTO CREDIT: PROCLAMATION: In a file photo, the Most Reverend Tod D. Brown, Bishop of the Diocese of Orange, prepares to nail a “Covenant With The Faithful”, proclamation to the door of The Holy Family Cathedral in Orange, January 18, 2004. The proclamation made seven points in the Church’s promise to deal with sexual abuse in a transparent style, aid the healing of victims and restore confidence in the church. Photo by Jebb Harris, the Orange County Register



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