Commonweal: Don’t blame Woodstock!

From Paul Moses @Commonweal…

“But the claim that the sexual revolution helped cause increased clergy sex abuse of minors was the weak link in the study because it’s speculation…”

Speculation, eh?  I tend to think that the John Jay Study wasn’t so far off the mark as this article over at Commonweal would suggest, even if the author of the report is in denial of her own report:

“Social movements, such as the sexual revolution and development of understanding about sexual victimization and harm, necessarily had an influence on those within organizations just as they did on those in the general society.”

I don’t know, but it seems to me dear reader that the priest pictured above certainly reflects the social movements of his time. AND WE DO KNOW from the Terrible Case of Paul Shanley that he constructed “a ministry for prey” based on his growing understanding about sexual victimization and harm…

From the Mental Floss blog:

In the 1970s, (Paul) Shanley was known as “the hippie priest”; he was a Roman Catholic clergyman whose specialty was ministering to kids struggling with their sexual identity. By 2002, however, Shanley was a central figure in the greatest scandal ever to hit the Catholic Church in the United States. Shanley was accused of molesting more than two dozen boys over a 35-year span. Subsequent investigations into other allegations in the Boston archdiocese resulted in the Church paying $85 million in 2003 to 552 people who claimed to have been abused by priests. It also triggered similar probes, and similar results, in other areas of the country. In 2005, at the age of 74, Shanley was sentenced to 12 to 15 years in prison.

Okay, so let’s at least get it nearly right. Nobody appears to want anything to do with blaming the sexual revolution for such deviant behavior, because if we did then logic would necessarily lead us into having to mention the “H” word as part and parcel of that same revolution. And hardly any “liberated” persons would approve of this new–if not fully accurate–Commonweal summation:

“But the claim that the sexual revolution helped cause increased clergy sex abuse of minors by homosexuals was the weak link in the study because it’s speculation…”

No. We wouldn’t want to speculate on that..


One thought on “Commonweal: Don’t blame Woodstock!”

  1. as a former Claretian seminarian of the 1960’s I sensed a covert homosexual presence among certain priests at the junior seminary that I attended, and there were certain very effeminate seminarians that had been accepted into the program… by the grace of God I was expelled without cause and explanation… the seminary was closed and shuttered within 10 years of my expulsion… the Claretian presence has all but disappeared… Pray for us St. Anthony Claret.

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