AUDIO: The Black Sheep Dog Speaks…

Audio from The Black Sheep Dog…



5 thoughts on “AUDIO: The Black Sheep Dog Speaks…”

  1. In order to be fair about all this Fr. Corapi problem I think accusations and misunderstanding of ecclesial process is rampant -most lay people will be hurt from all this as they have no way of understanding how mistreated Fr. Corapi is in this and also why the bishops and his order can’t deal with his popularity -he is too unique — so to state this is the true problem would be best for all concerned and we have to assume his innocence and his simple determination to teach the gospel as the heart of this controversy. He is too restricted in present circumstances to serve his Lord as he wants.
    A simple acknowledgment of this being the cause and case of the whole uproar should be made by his bishop and his order to save lay people from confusion and loss of faith in the church’s ways of operation.

    1. Perhaps all you say is true, but I can’t help but be struck by the apparent lack of humility and patience with which Fr. Corapi is bearing his cross. Maybe his superiors don’t know how to deal with his popularity. But perhaps he is more attached than he should be to his popularity. You mention he can’t now “serve the Lord as he wants.” But is it supposed to be up to him to determine how he serves? After so many years of preaching loyalty and obedience to the hierarchy, his jumping ship when the storm set in certainly gives one pause.

    2. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness”. I TRULY DON’T THINK THAT THE HOLY SEE WOULD SAY THAT HOLINESS IS BEING OBEDIENT TO GRAVE ABUSES, because the Church protects the innocent because the Church is Jesus. The Holy Father said that the persecution is coming from within the Church and it is a “horror”, when he was falsely accused in the recent child sex scandals. Father Corapi is innocent until proven guilty. The Pope was BETRAYED BY PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH TOO, and they tried to remove him, but he was innocent until proven guilty. Why is Father Corapi being treated guilty by suspending him etc…? (Process for accused priests: ) The proof is here that none of these priests got a fair trial, some of these priest are dead and gone and there case is still sitting there. The Pope wasn’t suspended, isolated from his duties, taken off the EWTN etc………..???? So what is really going on here? Is this Father Corapi’s only way to continue to serve GOD AND THE CHURCH FIRST WHICH IS HIS FIRST DUTY AS ANY GOOD SHEPHERD? We ARE NOT TO BE OBEDEINT TO GRAVE ABUSES AND SCANDAL THAT IS NOT HOLINESS. That is partaking in SIN AND OF THE DEVIL. Father Corapi will not lay down and die, because he is Hero and we need men who don’t give up the GOOD FIGHT!!! Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you FALSELY on my account. REJOICE and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven.

      Well Something is not matching up here—-the Pope was never treated this way

      God love you

  2. God be with you,

    and I believe you are doing in this horrible trouble that you are now induring.the right thing, I support you in what you are doing to stand up for yourself and the integrity of your human exsistance. I am so understanding of what you must finish.

    Go – you promoter of truth – I love the spirit you have – and our family loves YOU dearly.

    I will follow this in the future,. congratulations on your 20 yrs service.

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