eBay Starting Bid $5000 — Accuser selling Fr. John Corapi’s Rosary Blessed by John Paul II?

From Facebook: “The seller admits to being Fr. Corapi’s accuser. She says she is raising money for her ministry yet the ebay account is personal and not a ministry account. This keeps getting more interesting by the minute…”

View the auction from eBay…

Up for bid is a very special Rosary that was carried by Father John Corapi (the priest seen on EWTN) during his formative years as a priest.  He carried and prayed this Rosary during his years in the Seminary, while he was a Deacon, during his studies in Spain and long after being ordained a priest.  In the year 2000 Father Corapi gave this Rosary to a friend.  As much as the owner hates to part with this Rosary, it is being offered for sale to help support a growing internet Catholic ministry in need of financial support, the Online Catholic Network.  http://www.onlinecatholicnetwork.com 

This Rosary is extremely beautiful, possesses a life of its own, and has an amazing history.

According to Father John Corapi himself, while Father Corapi possessed the Rosary it was actually kissed by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and  Blessed by Pope John Paul II (soon to be a saint!).  This Rosary has been touched to the Tomb of St. Peter and many other tombs of saints in the catacombs of the Holy Land.

This Rosary also traveled with Father Corapi where it was prayed at events across the US and Canada as well as in Father Corapi’s private chapel for 10 years.

Please click on the images above and view the full size images to see the actual beauty of this Rosary.
The Rosary is a corded olive wood Rosary constructed of a very sturdy cord that shows no sign of wear despite the heavy praying and traveling.  The beads are made of a beautiful dark olive wood from the Holy Land.

The Crucifix is made of a mixture of what appears to be gold and other metals and olive wood.  The nails holding a meticulously sculpted gold Jesus on the cross go all the way through to the back of the cross.

Also on the Rosary is a very old silver Miraculous Medal that has traveled with the Rosary since it was used by Father Corapi.

This is a very special Rosary and is very hard to part with, but is being offered for sale for a very good cause and a very important ministry answering Pope Benedict XVI’s call to utilize the internet to evangelize.  http://www.onlinecatholicnetwork.com

If you win this auction you can pray the Rosary if you like, or as the current owner will do if the Rosary does not sell for benefit of the Online Catholic Network, preserve it in a special sealed case because it is a true modern relic and a very rare special Rosary.  This Rosary is truly one of a kind.

UPDATE – A note to all the people sending private messages about “selling” a blessed item:
This Rosary is indeed a blessed Rosary and a very special Rosary with an amazing history.  It is not “for sale”.  The Rosary is being auctioned to support a Catholic ministry – there is a huge difference. You are making a donation to a Catholic ministry, not buying the Rosary.  Father Corapi himself has “given away” blessed Rosaries for years and even relics when people purchased product worth a certain amount.
God bless!



61 thoughts on “eBay Starting Bid $5000 — Accuser selling Fr. John Corapi’s Rosary Blessed by John Paul II?”

  1. I suspect that this woman has evil motives for trying to sell this rosary and making an accusation against Father Corapi. Prayers are needed for Father Corapi at this time. Not a bunch of judgmental self-righteous Catholics who are showing they have no compassion or capacity to forgive or understand the struggles that Corapi is going through. SHAME on them!

      1. No, many Catholics are upset at the Attack On Father Corapi and are trying to stop a witch hunt.
        The people putting the Church in a bad light are those who are abusing their Authority.
        Pope Benedict said the Biggest attacks on the Church are from with in. If indeed The Authorities overlooking these accusations did not follow Canon law or were careless and are just gunning For Father Corapi to expose the truth is to help our Church from being over ridden with with Politically motivated people using this as a an accuse to Silence Father forever. In the end he will triumph.

      2. If you had seen some of the vile and highly judgmental blog posts on Fr. Corapi you would understand what I’m referring to. Did I really say anything bad about the Church? Please reread my comment. Catholics are human and those are the people whom I’m being critical of for being self-righteous. The Catholic Church in its sacraments, beliefs is the True Church founded by Christ and I will defend her against false attacks.

        1. Guess what, Teresa: The Catholics you are claiming to be “self-righteous” make up that Church. Aren’t you being self-rightous and judgmental of other Catholics that don’t have the rabid-fan emotionalism you’re displaying just because we are not automatically assuming Fr. Corapi to be completely innocent of the charges against him (nor guilty, either, by the way). You seem to suggest in your posts that we are less Catholics than we ought to be just because we question what is going on. “Questioning” is not “judging,” Teresa. Why don’t you reserve your own judgments on Catholics and let this situation be worked out by the superiors, who have the wisdom and authority by Jesus to handle this.

          1. What I said is that “I suspect” the accuser has evil motives. I did not say that I know. I can speak the truth when I see that other Catholics are being judgmental against a priest. Is it possible for you to see the truth? You seem to like defending the hate-mongers set out to “burn Fr. Corapi at the stake”? When a Catholic is a judgmental, self-righteous hypocrite to a priest that is unwarranted and that is far different than doing the exact same thing to another Catholic. How do you know that the superiors have a good will? Are they really searching for the truth? None of us really knows for sure either way. All I know is that what Fr. Corapi says about the process is true. Reserve your own judgments too then. Try following your own advice before acting like a know-it-all high and mighty Catholic.

            1. I AGREE WITH YOU 100%………


  2. Whatever is going on with Fr. Corapi and this accuser of his will, in time, be sorted out. The truth always comes out, one way or the other. I wonder why, if some of these allegations are not true, he is trying to separate himself from the Church and start his own ministry? Whatever happened to obeying your superiors, even if a priest didn’t feel they were right to take him to task, i.e., Padre Pio. Why didn’t Fr. Corapi just wait it out patiently, like each Christian is asked to do by Jesus Himself, when they are put into suffering with a trial? Seems to me he jumped ship pretty darn fast. I hope the allegations are all false, I certainly want to give a priest the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t think Fr. Corapi handled things right.

  3. Let me understand this. Someone makes a post on Facebook, saying the accuser is behind the sale of that Rosary, and that is proof that it is the accuser? If we don’t know who the accuser is, how can we know that she admits to any such thing?

    I’ve been trying to track down the start point of this rumor, which is all it can be classified as at this point, and it’s hard to find.

    I would ask the blog/post owner to consider that the quote being taken as fact is a false claim. For some people involved in spreading this, if it is false, it could be calumny, which is grave matter.

    I mean, really.

    1. Diane… I have considered that the sale of the rosary by the accuser on eBay may be a false claim, which is why the title of this post ends with a question mark. The quote is simply the source. Please let me know what you track down… Thanks for your comment.

  4. I just forwarded this info to SOLT in Robbstown, TX personally, so we will see if this Society will stand up and do the right thing and address this horror by this accuser.

    I cannot nor have I commented on Fr Corapi. I don’t really know what the facts are surrounding this horrible scandal. We only know what information both sides are willing to say, which is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    I cannot sit by and allow an “accuser” to further scandalize the Church, desecrate Our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Rosary, the Catholic Church, Bl JPII or Bl Mother Teresa, and use the Catholic name to do it.

  5. Listen to Pope Benedict. He nailed it on the head. God Bless our Pope. He needs the whole flock guarding the Church at all times now and at all levels. Remember the words of the Lord, “Be vigilant at all times.”

  6. It is them they are horrible its for their new deceptive site, catholic online thaey are the ones trying to destroy father corapi for blackmail. They are threatening people, there is more then ample evidence that they are criminals,

  7. The gig is up for Tamra Sexton and Matt Sprinkle (Online Catholic Network, Flatheadmedia.com. Ebay Rosary auction, theblacksheepdog.com domain sale 10k?? is that all your souls are worth 5k for a rosary and 10k for a domain name????) the threats the extortion the intimidation it is all coming crashing down now just like Satans plans always do!

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