What’s up with Fr. Corapi? – Santa Cruz Media Update…

“While we are not at liberty, at this time, to comment on the accusations against Fr. Corapi or the process of the investigation, the future will be, as Fr. Corapi said, “A New Chapter.””

After posting our announcement regarding liquidation of some of our inventory here at Santa Cruz Media, it became apparent from your many questions that a further explanation is in order. While we are not at liberty, at this time, to comment on the accusations against Fr. Corapi or the process of the investigation, the future will be, as Fr. Corapi said, “A New Chapter.” As such, Santa Cruz Media must transition into that new chapter with Fr. Corapi. He is currently working on completion of his autobiography, and we expect to launch his new web-radio broadcast, “The Black Sheep Dog” in the coming weeks. Our goal of preserving our current employees’ jobs here at Santa Cruz Media requires that we begin focusing our attention on new endeavors and that we phase out some aspects of our current operations. Sadly, this will mean that many of Fr. Corapi’s DVD and CD titles will be discontinued over the course of the next several months. Rest assured, our commitment has always been to further Fr. Corapi’s mission, and that remains unchanged.

Bobbi Ruffatto

Santa Cruz Media


21 thoughts on “What’s up with Fr. Corapi? – Santa Cruz Media Update…”

  1. I dont understand why his cds and dvds will shortly be no longer available, is there a reason for this, I would really like to know. Also as I have a large number of his cds, would I be permitted to make a few copies and pass on free of charge to some friends that would benefit greatly .You are in my daily prayers Fr. John and I thank God for giving you as a wonderful preacher and help to many many souls. Mary Mother of Perpetual Help pray for Fr. John.

  2. I will explain after much research! and my own theory. I guess the CDs and Material were made by a production company and perhaps the accuser that was fired has copyrights etc. I think that the problem with airing the material is a copyright issue and not a moral one. Actually the employees who were fired with Alcohol problems own Flatliners Media which produced his material they designed etc. Father Corapi mentioned it in one of his videos on addiction.

  3. Firstly, I must admit I’m not Catholic. Secondly, I have watched EWTN because of Father Corapi. I have so enjoyed his many sermons. I miss not being able to hear him, except on cd or dvd. I have no doubt he will be exonerated and I eagerly await his return. I for one, believe in his innocence as he stands too close to God.
    Many prayers for Father Corapi AND his accusers.

  4. I am deeply saddened by what’s taking place with Father Corapi. I have listened to his message, and feel a closer relationship with the Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus because of him. I understand that these charges ought to be investigated, but in my opinion, the Church should not handle child molestation on the same level as a consensual relationship between adults–IF that is what actually took place. It is shameful to castigate someone without proof, and the Church should spend more effort in reviewing still open cases of pedophile priests. I pray Father Corapi will be exonerated and returned to his worthy work. We miss you Fr. Corapi! Stay strong.

  5. I am not Catholic but I had really enjoyed listening to Father Copari. I must say and remind those who think they are sinless that “we are all sinners come short of the glory of God” Whatever happened in his past life should never be put on the internet to disgrace him . Guess what , whatever goes around will come around. Remember the Lord said in His word that if anyone falls from grace the elders of the church should counsel and help the one and not condemn. Father John, just pray for your accusers – forgive them and ask God to forgive them too. I pray that God will continue to bless you – spiritually – physically – emotionally and financially. I miss you and Jesus love you and so do I.

  6. Father Corapi- I just want you to know, you are in my prayers and I believe you will be back soon giving us hope and teaching us about our beautiful church and what our Lord Jesus expects from us and how much he loves us. He will not abandon you. God Bless You Geri

  7. I love you Father and I firmly believe in your innocence.
    My prayers go out to you.
    May god bless you and keep you safe always.
    I pray to St Michael the Archangel for your deliverance.
    Adele in Canada

  8. Father Corapi…. PAX ET BONUM…You are in my thoughts and prayers….I pray that the Truth will soon free you from the present cross you are having to carry….that the presence and the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will comfort and protect you always.You taught me to place the people I am praying for in the Garden of the Immaculate Heart of Mary…..that’s where I have placed you.On this Pentecost Sunday I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit will bring cleansing,healing,renewal,guidance and fortitude to everyone involved in the present situation.We need good shepherds like you….God knows our needs and will never fail to supply them.Soon all will be well…..God bless you and keep you.

    Barbara Hullett

  9. “Johnny…” Viva Cristo Rey y Santa Maria de Guadalupe. Father Corapi ,Pope John Paul II ordained you and told you he needed you in America. I love you, I pray for you, God bless you and Our Blessed Mother Mary be at your side.

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