A mystagogic backfire…

“I do identify as a Christian, but I am very interested in learning about who Jesus was as an actual person. I want to know more about the humanity of Jesus rather than the Divinity. It makes it more believable for me when I think of Jesus as a person rather than an unobtainable Deity.”

A University of California Santa Cruz student commenting on her reason for attending a two-day Jesus Seminar held this week.

Well, here’s one example of His person: Jesus wept… (John 11:35)



3 thoughts on “A mystagogic backfire…”

  1. This is a reply test from ipod. Good sad story of the need for evangelization of Christians in today’s world however…

  2. You are very much in league with such mystics as Teresa of Avila, who focussed her attention on the humanity of Jesus. Who can ever know about the divinity? Jesus, as the incarnation of God, came to teach us how to be human, not how to be divine. We find God within our humanity. But, as all the divisions and wars that we see keep revealing to us, it takes a lot of effort, even “grace” to be human to one another.

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