40 Years Ago Today — What’s your memory of the 1971 San Fernando earthquake?

The 1971 San Fernando earthquake (also known as Sylmar earthquake) struck the San Fernando Valley near Sylmar at 6:00:55 a.m. PST on February 9, 1971, … It was 6.6 earthquake on the Richter Scale

Wow. I’ve never forgotten this moment in my life– Rosemead, California… Asleep in bed with my younger brother next to me, I woke up to the sight of the chandelier above our heads swinging viciously back and forth-up and down.. Leaping out of bed I ran out the bedroom towards the living room and front door to escape… I remember hearing my mother calling out to me as I ran by, “Get your brother!”, but I was too scared… Opening the front door to make my escape outside I witnessed a large lighted-business sign explode across the 10 freeway–It actually exploded, with sparks falling to the ground… I headed back in to get my brother… That was my first big earthquake, with many aftershocks afterwards… Crazy dangerous moment, which as I recall now, my brother slept through…

There’s a video below (Hat Tip to Helen on Facebook). Now, what was your memory of that day?



One thought on “40 Years Ago Today — What’s your memory of the 1971 San Fernando earthquake?”

  1. I was 12, the lights were turning off & on by themselves, mom was screaming,the walls were leaning over me as I lay in bed not knowing what was happening ?My parents were finally forced to spend time with us after the evacuation ! Our house was on the corner of monogram & labrador sts, our front door was 387 feet from the vannorman dam warsh as we used to call it ! I lived 2 blocks from the veterans hospital! The police used their loud speakers to annouce our evacuation as the song I feel the earth move under my feet by Carol King blasted on the Kearns Family stereo in the middle of the street !

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