Hate Art — Pic of Peter Alexander Por’s Pope Benedict XVI, riddled with bullet holes… (Protest Here)

Hate artist ‘raised Catholic’ lumps pope in with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung, and Pol Pot.

From Catholic Culture:

A Toronto art gallery is planning an exhibit of provocative works that includes a picture of a seated Pope Benedict XVI, riddled with bullet holes.

The exhibit entitled “Persona Non Grata- The Veil of History,” by artist Peter Alexander Por, is due to open at the Bezpala Brown Gallery on February 5. Publicity from the gallery said that the image of the Pope is “a less than subtle expression of the hurt and anger directed at a pontiff and an institution that has abandoned its flock, choosing to focus on dogma while its subjects suffer and, in many instances, die from its archaic policies.”

To make your protest heard, e-mail the Bezpala Brown Gallery at the addresses below:

President Darrell Brown
Gallery Director Lyudmila Bezpala-Brown
Gallery Manager Fariz Kovalchuk



Peter Alexander Por:
Persona Non Grata – The Veil of History
February 5 – 25
Bezpala Brown Gallery

Press Preview: February 3-4 (by appointment)
Reception: Saturday, February 5, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

A Toronto-based artist, Por strikes a decidedly political and controversial message drawing lines between good and evil, oppressor and oppressed, through the presentation of 30 canvasses and 4 sculptures. His subjects are primarily evildoers – some predictable, others less so. From Pope Benedict XVI’s bullet-ridden portrait recognizing the dereliction of duty stemming from a Church leader’s focus on dogma over his subjects’ life and mental well-being to President George Bush’s fictitious war on terror to the terror of Pope Innocent III, the portraits map lost lives through perpetrators’ hollow eyes across the centuries. There are the predictable: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot and others with death tallies attached, but Por also turns full circle to capture the crucifixion of Obama by the political and corporate machinery of today’s America.



6 thoughts on “Hate Art — Pic of Peter Alexander Por’s Pope Benedict XVI, riddled with bullet holes… (Protest Here)”

  1. Cut out the cheap shots, just because we Catholics don’t resort to boycott, violent protests, fire-bombings and murder, which would have been the result had you blasted Moses or Mohammed.
    Armiger Jagoe, editor
    The Joyful Catholic

  2. It’s good that the picture doesn’t actually look like Pope Benedict, but the intention still is not good. Benedict is dead against homosexuality which is the very reason you want him dead. We need to protect the flock from AIDS and the gays who spread it around. Hats off to Benedict for his noble concerns.

    David Martin

  3. The best things to do is ignore this crap. It’s just a desperate attempt to get publicity – and ultimately money – by being ‘controversial’.

    1. Andrew,
      While I agree with your assessment I cannot agree with leaving it alone. I would say the outrage and backlash to the gallery, hopefully from caring Catholics who wish to express their sorrow in a constructive way, should be served up.
      This type of publicity will not make them money but instead waste their time having to field all the complaints. One can only pray these attempts will change their support of an attack on all of Christendom by striking at the leader of Christ’s Church.

  4. There’s probably no point posting on a website that hosts messages like “we need to protect the flock from AIDS and the gays who spread it around”, but as someone who actually went to the exhibit and therefore actually knows some facts about the subject at hand (crazy idea, I know):

    1) the exhibit does not “lump pope in with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung, and Pol Pot.” The images of the pope are from a different series of works by the same artist. If you go to the library, they will have copies of the bible along with biographies of Hitler and Stalin. Do libraries lump Jesus in with Hitler and Stalin?

    2) The holes are not bullet holes. What exactly is it about a perfectly aligned array of perfectly smooth holes that makes everyone jump to the conclusion that they’re bullet holes? Do people just think that’s the only way to make holes, or what?

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