Deal Hudson: Archdiocese of Chicago Retracts CCHD Grants to Pro-Life Groups

The following story from the Archdiocese of Chicago touches upon what I believe to be the core problem with the Campaign for Human Development, and why no Catholic should ever support this collection–

Pastors and other leaders of the Church who’ve become so consumed, or better put, possessed by the spirit of this world that they’ve forgotten their true call and mandate to ‘Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature.‘[Mk 16: 15].

That’s the rub for me, and no doubt heaven too– Messengers of Christ promoting not faith, but rather, propogating support and funding for worldly ideologies and political action groups clearly proven to be at odds with the faith and morals of the very Gospel their called to preach as its heralds…

In the end, the Campaign for Human Development is a cause for the loss of faith both within the Church as well as without… For that reason, the good of the Church and those in spiritual poverty and need, I encourage you to boycott the CCHD collection.   

The Deal Hudson story follows.

The Reform CCHD Coalition Now received confirmation on Monday that Chicago’s CCHD had retracted grants previously promised to pro-life groups.

With the departure of Rey Flores as CCHD director, a group of Chicago clergy have been publicly exerting pressure on the archdiocese to restrict grants to only “anti-poverty” organizations.

These clergy don’t accept the argument that the lack of respect for the sanctity of life, along with the destruction of traditional marriage, are a major cause of physical, as well as spiritual poverty in society.

The defunded groups include the nationally known Pro-Life Action League led by Joe Scheidler.



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