Faith Advisory: Detroit Archbishop Vigneron issues warning on American Catholic Council, asks organizers to cancel…

Stating that the movement called American Catholic Council  distorts the true Spirit of Vatican II and causes alienation and estrangement of the faithful from the Church, Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit, Michigan, issued the following advisory:
Archdiocese of Detroit Statement on the American Catholic Council
Issued: October 12, 2010
Contact: Joe Kohn, / (313) 237-5943

The Archdiocese of Detroit has been contacted by concerned members of the faithful about a movement called the American Catholic Council. Self-described as “bringing together a network of individuals, organizations, and communities to consider the state and future of our Church,” they have planned a national gathering in Detroit for the weekend of Pentecost 2011. The American Catholic Council movement and its national gathering are not conducted under the auspices of the Detroit archdiocese, the universal Roman Catholic Church, or any entity or organization affiliated with the archdiocese or the universal Roman Catholic Church.

Although their stated purpose is to “respond to the Spirit of Vatican II by summoning the Baptized together to demonstrate our re-commitment and the documents issued by the American Catholic Council offer some valid aspirations for the Church, in fact, the goals proposed are largely in opposition to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and the Holy Spirit, which inspired the Council.

The archdiocese wishes to commend and embrace all true efforts at Church renewal – the American Church Council’s agenda is not such an effort. Some of the advertised speakers and groups organizing the effort espouse positions which are clearly contrary to Catholic faith, leading to alienation and estrangement from the Church. The Archdiocese of Detroit cautions any Catholic against participating in the American Catholic Council local listening sessions and national gathering in June 2011. Catholic parishes, schools, and institutions are not to host any meetings, gatherings, or “listening sessions” associated with the planning of the June 2011 American Catholic Council. Priests, deacons, and ecclesial lay ministers will want to avoid lending support to such a misguided effort. On behalf of the archdiocese, Archbishop Vigneron has asked the organizers to cancel their plans for this national gathering that distorts the true Spirit of Vatican II. He asks us all to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we may embrace authentic development of faith and morals, and shun efforts which threaten unity.


5 thoughts on “Faith Advisory: Detroit Archbishop Vigneron issues warning on American Catholic Council, asks organizers to cancel…”

  1. Is this man kidding? What gives him the right to tell people not to attend a council? Give me a break!!!! By the way, how many kids were sexually abused in his diocese and what has he done to help them out as adults?
    Am I glad he is not in my diocese!!!!

    1. J. P. Blair

      Is this man kidding?


      What gives him the right to tell people not to attend a council?

      The Bishop is the divinely instituted shepherd according to apostolic succession established by Jesus Christ on earth. On top of that, laity do not have the authority to call “a council…”

      Give me a break!!!!

      I’ll only give you the truth about your faith–unadulterated. It’s your choice to accept it or not. I pray you do…

      By the way, how many kids were sexually abused in his diocese and what has he done to help them out as adults?

      You cannot use a terrible evil as a trogan horse to validate another terrible evil–schism–on this site. The Catholic Church was the safest societal institution for children prior to the scandal, was during, and remains so presently. Your projecting the evil of other souls upon the soul of an innocent shepherd. As is the case with these types of corporate arguments against the hierarchal nature of the Church, you are also offending the truth of other innocents–the manifold priests and bishop’s who with fidelity attended the needs of Christ and His Church without spot or stain during a time of scandal.

      As for what the Archdiocese is doing for victims and protection:pledge to protect and heal

      Am I glad he is not in my diocese!!!!

      There is no greater love than for one to lay down his life for those whom he loves. We know by revelation within our own souls that Jesus goes further still, he lays down his life for the guilty. The Church has always had the answer to any scandal–the precious blood of Christ and the life of forgiveness and mercy found therein. Still today my friend, He has the power to both lay down this life, and to take it up again… Your support for schism is predicated on groups who are fighting against divine doctrines concerning the priesthood, a priesthood which divine providence has chosen so that such grace comes to us. Your argument is with God, not the good bishop. I will pray for you to be delivered and defended from the spirit of umbrage…


  2. Editor, thank you for your clear response to Mr/Ms Blair regarding Catholic truth. As I examine the ACC website, I seem to detect a presence of the heresy of americanism – which seems to have influenced the unfortunate comment.
    Within the Archdiocese of Washington, we are learning of VOTF groups hosting little meetings (within more liberal parishes) to drum up input for this gathering. It might be wise to put out a warning, as I intend to do on my own blog.

  3. Editor, your response in defense of Archbishop Vigneron is very loving and clear. We, in Detroit, are so blessed to have him as our Shepherd. He needs our continued prayers in the difficult months ahead. I am so grateful to him for the excellent Gift of Life conference, his support of our families, and his steadfast devotion to the Church. May God bless him abundantly!

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