Video: Scaring the future out of our kids — U.K. eco-maniac’s 10:10 pull bizarre violent video after outcry

Bat-shit crazy environmentalists…  

Climategate sunk global warming movement. Pic: Greenpeace ship tagged in Copenhagen during Cop 15

Following revelations that U.N sponsored scientists responsible for informing (see: alarming) the international community with facts concerning global warming were found to be cooking their books, tweaking data, and generally lying on the subject for many years, the environmental movement has taken a big hit to its fear-based industry. Common sense has prevailed, and despite 30-plus years of brainwashing children and people into the Green Movement, people just ain’t buying their stories any longer. For those who remain active and shrill in the dying planet illusion, frustration, fear, and anger has led to a couple of recent videos which reveals just how bat-shit crazy these people have finally become… 

Here’s a chilling case study in eco-ed-child abuse and what scaring the future out of your kid will result in:

(Allow for buffering)

And this… well, let’s just say Pink Floyd has nothing over the eco-maniacs at 10:10:

(Allow for buffering)



One thought on “Video: Scaring the future out of our kids — U.K. eco-maniac’s 10:10 pull bizarre violent video after outcry”

  1. Oh, yes. I remember when I first heard that then First Lady Hilary Clinton was “for the children.” I did not know then that it meant she was “against the parents.” This is one of the first things I thought of when I watched the Greenpeace video. Next, I thought, “Although this young man may be taught about th Green Movement, he will not be taught that he and his children will be responsible for paying for the stimulus bill and health care “reform,” because that would not be politically correct.
    This stuff is chilling.

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