[YouTube/Pics] One Spirit ~ One Call Protest: Mass boycott and public protest within the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, 9.26.10

[PICTURED/OREGONLIVE]: Jane Rickenbaugh practices sacred dance prior to Sunday’s boycott of Holy Mass and public protest in downtown Portland, Oregon.]

Ashtoreth Rising: Medieval circle dances to some mythical ancient pole goddess won’t “magickly” empower confused laity. It will, however, help in furthering empower ‘the spirit of disobedience’ guiding the women priest movement into grave sin and self-excommunications. Video and Pics follow…


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7 thoughts on “[YouTube/Pics] One Spirit ~ One Call Protest: Mass boycott and public protest within the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon, 9.26.10”

  1. They want to “serve at the table,” but deny themselves of the Eucharist on the Lord’s Day and encourage other women to do so also???????? When I first saw the picture of the woman dancer, I got chills in my spirit. Then came grief. She does not know that she is dancing to her god, the deceiver; she is too filled with herself. These women need prayers for their immortal souls.
    Bella Dodd, once communist, who recruited 1100 young communists and radicals to enter the seminary, said the goal was to destroy the Catholic Church. The priest, secret communist, hater of God and the Church, in the book AA-1025, said one of his goals was to push for women priests.
    Yes, it is the spirit of disobedience. May God have mercy on them.

  2. Nancy–

    Good point on serving at the table. I prayed during Mass for those who boycotted the One who is the greatest truth of their lives… Deception indeed. The great deception, apostasy. A false Christ and false church.

    Thanks for responding.


  3. The tree and the fruit, and He will never leave us. The gates of hell shal not prevail against her, His bride, but nobody said they wouldn’t make a lot of trouble. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Sacred Heart of Jesus, make our hearts like unto Thine. Love, Gail

  4. C’mon, James – these ladies are the *New* Victim Souls! They’re future saints! Can’t you see how they suffer?!?

    /sarc off

    1. /sarc on

      LarryD — I’m currently investigating the not-so-secret society of victim souls, and specifically, their theology of danceology–so publicly painfully displayed above. A buddy sent me this V.S.D training video; the secret training grounds are located somewhere near the Lake of the Woods (or, was that Forest for the Trees), in Northern Minnesota…


      And, in case you missed the West Coast version:

      /sarc off

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