Deal W. Hudson — More Problems at Catholic Campaign for Human Development

This from Inside Catholic:

More Problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

By Deal W. Hudson

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the anti-poverty program run by the USCCB, came under fire this past year for funding groups who were explicitly supporting abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage.

After its internal investigation, the CCHD claimed there were problems with only five groups out of the 51 listed as problematic by the Reform CCHD Now coalition. These five groups were subsequently defunded. (The approximate total number of CCHD grants in a year is 250.)

However, new evidence has emerged that adds 16 new groups to the 51 originally listed as problematic by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition. The 2010 CCHD list of grantees has yet to be released, so we have to wait to learn how many of the problematic groups were funded once again. (The troublesome fact that the announcement of the 2010 grantee list has been delayed a month later than usual is an issue we will return to later.)

Here’s the story…

An event entitled the U.S. Social Forum 2010 was held in Detroit on June 22-26. Dozens of People’s Movement Assemblies (PMAs) from across the country attended the Forum, “to set a national action agenda.” Also present were 21 CCHD grantees, along with a retired bishop, a smattering of Catholic parishes, and 11 Catholic organizations. Five of the 21 CCHD grantees were already listed as problematic, but 16 were not on the list from last year (see list below). Several organizations defunded by the CCHD were also present.

Unfortunately, the program attended by these groups supported by the donations of U.S. Catholics contains numerous workshops promoting homosexuality, Marxism, and abortion (complete list below). Is there any reason not to conclude these are elements of the “national action agenda” being defined at the Forum?

Here are some representative examples of the workshops:



Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer workshops:

At least one CCHD grantee, Justice in El Barrio, gave a presentation at one of the LGBTQ workshops. You can sample the U.S. Social Forum yourself by watching coverage of the USSF 2010. Throughout the forum, Free Speech TV ran commercials promoting gay rights, including same-sex marriage.

One criticism leveled at the CCHD Reform Now research is that it was alleging “guilt by association.” But that misses the point completely. The presence of 21 CCHD grantees at U.S. Social Forum isn’t problematic because grantees are keeping company with the wrong people, but because they’re actively participating in a forum designed “to set a national action agenda.” Looking at the program, it’s safe to assume that the agenda includes the right to abortion and gay marriage, as well as a larger ideological commitment to various forms of Marxism — an ideology condemned by the Catholic Church.

Those participating in the forum can hardly claim they were innocent bystanders; that wouldn’t pass the smell test. The stated purpose of the U.S. Social Forum was to stress the importance of working on a unified front. Thus, the evidence from the forum itself suggests not so much guilt by association as guilt by participation.

At the very least, this latest incident proves the CCHD problem did not end with the 5 defunded groups.

Just how many of the remaining 62 problematic groups will be on the 2010 list of CCHD grants is an open question. The CCHD is waiting until the end of September to release the new list, when it is normally released at the end of August. Why? Is the CCHD holding the list so that it can’t be properly examined before the bishops decide the program’s fate? Taking a month away from that examination process prior to the bishops’ meeting in November will not help rebuild public trust.

After all the controversy surrounding the CCHD last year, you’d think there would be more due diligence and transparency in selecting grantees. Instead, we get less.

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Current CCHD Grantees in attendance at the USSF meeting:

Identified Catholic organizations in attendance:

Formerly Funded CCHD grantees and other groups of interest:

Titles of pro-abortion, birth control, and sex-ed workshops:

Titles of Marxist or socialist workshops:

Titles of LGBTQ workshops:


5 thoughts on “Deal W. Hudson — More Problems at Catholic Campaign for Human Development”

  1. Maybe the CCHD funded groups could meet with like minded organizations working on their issues of concern such as poverty reduction, racism, economic justice, worker justice, immigrant justice, non-violence, transportation equity, etc. – all of those issues covered in the social justice documents and teachings of the Catholic Church – who are in favor with you and working on these same issues. umm, which organizations would those be?

  2. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia took up the CCHM collection on July 10 and 11. I didn’t give. I don’t know whether they are going to take up another one prior to Thanksgiving.

  3. Please do not withhold donations to the CCHD collections.
    Mr. Hudson says that CCHD… “came under fire this past year for funding groups who were explicitly supporting abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage.” Those groups did not explicitly support abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage. It is my experience that a few funded groups partnered in some way while working on other issues with a group that supports these mentioned issues. The funded groups are concerned with helping people in poverty and people who are marginalized by society learn how to address issues in their lives that keep them down. It is a chance for people to regain dignity and take responsibility, and have a role in making the decisions that affect their lives.

    There are A LOT of groups doing charity work. Very few groups work for systemic change. IF you don’t know what that is,please find out. The issues faced by most of the groups funded by CCHD are caused by social sin. This is another word that is foreign to most of us. It is easy to point a finger and call out those involved with abortion, contraception, and same-sex marriage as sinners when you are not doing those things. It is hard to look inward and see what role each of us plays in institutionalized sins in our society like poverty, racism,war, environmental destruction, lack of health care and education for everyone, etc. It is sinful for society to allow these issues to crush the heads of God’s people.

    People that are involved in groups supporting abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage will sometimes rub shoulders with CCHD funded groups because these are all people trying to deal with suffering and struggles in their lives. I suggest Mr. Hudson and those who think like him stop worrying so much about what sins others are committing and look at whether they are responsible for any of the sins of our collective society.

    We must all stand in solidarity and work so that everyone has the opportunity to become fully the persons God meant them to be and can live lives of dignity. This is what CCHD is about. Please contribute.

  4. Ms. Juen, we will not let Catholic dollars lend an iota of legitimacy to any organization that:
    1) supports the systematic slaughter of 3500+ babies every day
    2) destroy the foundation of any society, that is, the family based on the indissoluable marriage of one man and one woman
    3) promote the usage of contraception

    I hope that you are aware that the leading indicator and cause of poverty in any family is the breakdown of the family? All three of the above ills contribute to the breakdown of the family and thus to the so-called “cycle of poverty”. You are NOT going to conquer “social sin” until we address and eradicate deliberated attempts to destroy the family and to institute a nanny-state whose aim it is to usurp the role of God in any decent society. That must be done FIRST.
    The very history of CCHD is jaded at the roots, as it is the brainchild of Alinskyite priest Msgr Jack Egan, formed with the intent of funnelling Catholic dollars into progressive organizations under the guise of eradicating poverty. Not only must it be defunded, but it must be scrapped in its entirety. The latest debacle of the firing of Rey Flores and defunding of the pregnancy centers is only symptomatic of a very sick organization.
    Catholics would do well to take what they might have contributed to the CCHD and contribute to a local pregnancy center. WHy do we need “middle men” to manage our contributions anyway?

    1. Thank you for your reply to my comment. Pregnancy crisis centers are critical in stopping abortions because they offer the mother a refuge while she pulls her life together, gets started on an education, finds a job, locates safe housing, etc. What I see happening is that our communities often do not have educational opportunities, access to living wage jobs or safe, affordable housing available. If this is the cause of unjust social structure, what will bring about change?

      If transportation lines are set up to bypass the areas where people live in poverty or are the wrong “color”, how will these people get to where the jobs are? Many women living in pregnancy crisis centers (or using them)will live in these areas. People in these areas do not have the power alone to change this, but organized together they can get bus stops or rail lines in their communities.

      Safe, affordable housing is a major problem for women in pregnancy crisis and families in general. Many places will also be dealing with the total environment of the neighborhoods like drug houses, abandoned houses, lead paint in the homes, pollution, etc. Families, and women wanting to keep their babies, have little ability to change these situations unless they work with others there to make it happen.

      I have witnessed the power that people in poverty have and the changes they can make in their communities when they organize and work together. Families are supported because they are in safer neighborhoods, have jobs, know each other and share childcare, make improvements in their schools and get involved as parents.

      Often the people who become leaders, just like many women facing abortion, have had to regain their dignity and realize the God-given potential within themselves to become engaged in the family, social, and political decisions that affect their lives.

      This doesn’t happen by chance. CCHD funds organizations where people in poverty are at the center of the work.
      Do you know the saying about teaching people to fish in stead of feeding them for one day? That is what happens here. From what I have witnessed it builds a culture that is pro-life. This work builds a culture where people learn to value all life that is often thrown away… the unborn, elderly, disabled, mentally and physically ill, and our natural environment. Hearts and minds are changed because it is learned that we are all connected and part of God’s creation.

      I think this is how abortion will be stopped. Raising children in safe, secure, economically stable families where they learn that we are all responsible for each other and life is sacred. Unless people raise a voice and make it known that this is what we want to be about as a society and get involved in making it happen, women will continue to have abortions whether they are legal or not. THIS is what CCHD is about.

      Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts and I do so respectful of yours.

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