Brazil’s Melo proves the natural law placed within our hearts

The natural law is nothing other than the light of understanding placed in us by God; through it we know what we must do and what we must avoid… CCC 1955

In a World Cup match against the Netherlands earlier today, Brazil’s Felipe Melo intentionally stomped on an opposition player’s thigh as he writhed on the ground after a foul was called, earning him a straight red card and effectively ending Brazil’s hopes of a sixth World Cup title.

A red card is what happens when we avoid or ignore the natural law… (Thankfully, God has also given us the gift of guilt when we transgress His laws; Guilt is the door that opens us up to repentance leading to forgiveness in confession. Watch carefully for the moment Melo recognizes guilt and the first act of repentance: Hint: He reaches out to the victim…)



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