Taylor’s Sausage Softball Recap — Preseason scrimmage game 1: Castleworks Vs. Taylor’s

Castleworks 13 – Taylor’s 12

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Lessons in humility…

Well, I thought I had “the feel” tonight after leading off with a triple at my first at bat followed quickly with the first score of the year. That feeling quickly dissipated after slipping and falling into a mud puddle at 3rd base retrieving a ball for the other team. There was a rather quick transfer of the feel from head to bottom, along with scrapes…

Overall, the team does look good, with a couple of long sustained scoring innings. And the game came down to the last inning. With 2 on and 2 out I was on deck, but they nipped us with a close play at 1st to end the game. 

We Missed Parrish (my son) in the outfield. Maybe next year…

Next up: Castlework scrimmage, game 2, Tuesday.


Personal stats: 4 for 4, Triple, Double, Double, Single – RBI: 5 – Batting Average: 1000



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