Photo: Revealed Power (via Broken Believers)

I “wondered” upon this fine post over on Broken Believers. The photo is great, but the work of the blog’s host is more significant. Modern Christianity, including Catholic’s, have strayed in too many respects from solid biblical teaching on the reality of Satan and his works. Couple that with mental illness and personal sin and we have a recipe for, well, death… The Fr. Corapi’s of the world are a true reminder of the need of divine intervention to overcome the world, sin, and Satan, which, in so many ways needs to be confronted by truth from worker’s in the vineyard…

This blog supports Broken Believers in his work of mercy. Go and visit him and his story.

Photo: Revealed Power We need to re-configure our thinking periodically.  We don’t always get to observe nature up close anymore.  It seems we must rely on the technique and talent of the photographer to bring us up close, and then to begin to think differently about things. I hope this photo blesses you! “Do you know how God controls the clouds        and makes his lightning flash?” –Job 37:15 … Read More

via Broken Believers


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