Gonzaga High Video: Sister Carol Keehan picketed, Crd. McCarrick rebuked by convert


“Wake up, America!  That woman should never have been an invited speaker at any Catholic institution!” —Protester

A scary moment Sunday prior to the Gonzaga College High graduation commencement in Washington, DC. After having been rebuked by a pro-life Catholic convert, retired Cardinal 80-year-old Theodore Edgar McCarrick slips and nearly falls as he ascends stairs during procession. (Video below)

Pro-life activists picketed both inside and outside the graduation ceremonies in response to the Jesuit institution inviting Sister of Charity Carol Keehan to give the commencement speech.

Sister Keehan, as you’ll recall, ignored the USCCB pro-life position during the health care debate, and was in large part responsible for helping pass President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine legislation.

The pro-life community views the invitation as serious scandal, and yet one more example in which the Society of Jesus has failed in its mission of education through neglect of Church teachings.

As for Sister Carol Keehan, many are asking [HERE][HERE] why someone who gave the green light for the most pro-abortion piece of legislation seen in decades has been honored at a Catholic Graduation?

That question lands at the feet of both the Superintendent of the Archdiocese Catholic School system and Archbishop Donald Wuerl.

The video follows w/coverage of the protest courtesy of Restore-DC-Catholicism



4 thoughts on “Gonzaga High Video: Sister Carol Keehan picketed, Crd. McCarrick rebuked by convert”

  1. Sr. Keehan & (Fr. Jenkins, Notre Dame fiasco)are renegade Catholics who do not deserve praise of any kind from any Catholic. They have chosen the “Master of Deceit”, & are filled with pseudo- intellectual arrogance, & choose to give bad example to the young. I know a “Carpenter” who said, “It would be better to tie a millstone around your neck, & throw yourself into the sea, than scandalize these children.” Abortion is killing innocent human life and they know it. And the Catholic Church is the prime target of anti-Catholic haters. Mrs. Deborah Allen

    1. Read the 5 page letter Sr. Keehan sent to the Administration OBJECTING to the narrow definition of “ministry” which has kept most Catholic health care ministries from being able to follow Church teaching on the issues of abortion, contraception, and sterilization and find out for your self what Sr. Keehan really says instead of what other people say she says.

  2. Prayer is so very powerful, and we all need as much of it as we can get. Sharing prayer with my brothers and sisters in Christ not only assists the ones being prayed for, but comes back to the doner a thousand fold. May the peace of Christ rest on all. Jerry Weskirchen.

  3. Only our Father God can judge Carol Keehan, but I sure would
    pray for her conversion to the Catholic Christian Faith as she
    is in need of our prayers. I wonder how many children have been killed on Carol Keehans watch??

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