Women Gone Camping…

Oregon Camping Nightmare

“Flat tire, pouring rain, stuck in small space w/ 5 kids, skunks who lived outside our door, broken foot! But we sure laughed hard…”

“…Good pics mom.”

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As the old-timers tell it, Oregon is in the middle of a mystery that occurs every 20 years or so: No spring. The rain is still falling in June with few days of sun indicating that winter is actually passing. Sorta like a certain presidency, but, I digress.

Because of work I wasn’t able to go to the coast with the family and the girls and children went alone. I should of known trouble was ahead with the first phone call– 

Wife: “Hi. Well, we have a flat tire.”

Me: “Where you at?”

Wife: “Ah. Still in town.”

Things got worse later that night with the next call–

Daughter: “Dad, Mom fell and broke her foot!”

Me: “What!?!”

Next call–

Daughter (panicked): “Dad!”

Me: “Hi Hon. What’s up?”

Daughter: “Mom’s on the ground outside and I can’t lift her up!?!” “A fr*****n skunk is 10 feet from us dragging away our bag of food!”

Me (Belly laughing): “Okay Shar, quit cussing.”  “Let me talk to your mom.”

Wife (Giggling): “Hi hon!”

Me: “You alright?” “Should I drive over and get you guys.”

Wife (More giggling): “No. No.” “She’s just panicking.” “I tried to go to the bathroom, and couldn’t make it…”(Giggles).”

Me: “Alright, do me a favor, get in the hooch and go to bed.” “Let me talk to Shar.”

Daughter (Giggling too…): “Hey Dad.”

Me: “You guys been drinking?”

Daughter (Laughter): “Only a couple beers earlier with dinner…”

Me: “Alright, get her into bed and make sure to ice the foot.” “We’ll take her to the Doctor when you get back.”  

Daughter: “Okay, Dad.”

Update: I took my wife to the hospital yesterday. 4 hours later, no fracture, only sprains to the foot and ankle.

Hurry summer….



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